ViparSpectra November Celebration Giveaway-Get Special Gift


I have been a faithful Customer for years and always recommend your lights, I am a 7th degree google guide and gave you a 4 star review, would have gave 5 star but the truth is light is heavy at over 10lbs my tent can't hold over 20lbs bc I have 2 of them, would really like to see how your new lights work.
@Edinburg Thank you for your great support to ViparSpectra. At present the small lights like P600, P1000, P1500, XS1000, XS1500 are less that 10 lbs. Other lights are much bigger so the weight are more than 10 lbs, such as KS Series. We have collected your idea for our future light research.


One advantage of this light is that you are able to dim from 0-100 and you will be able to bloom and veg with 1 light @RyanDaGrower @Ryannieds1 best of luck guys #ViparSpectra canada 🇨🇦
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