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I've started my FIRST PHYSICAL BOND with my ladies in the early stages of life, rather than seeing them only as buds for decades :)
I'm very excited and have put a lot of research through friends and investment in how I'm growing, especially these sourced from the source strains (starting simple but FROSTY).

These ladies are directly from seeds.
They germinated really well + fast, and sprouted into seedlings within 24/48 hours for most.
It's day 7 of seedlings.

I made the mistake of putting them outside in the direct sun + also inside a greenhouse - my light didn't arrive and it was the perfect temp outside here on Vancouver island for April (felt like June).
I now have them inside the house with my sun blaster giving them 18 hours a day to ensure they're safe, or at least hoping.

The soil seedlings took off at first, rock wool was slower but now the healthiest of them

Now, the seedlings in the Rockwool are healthy and the soil seedlings look deprived or sun burnt, super heart breaking but will learn if I get some friendly advice?

I will be taking all of these guys into my small 6x4 greenhouse once they get big and transplanted in a few weeks, but not sure these guys will make ??!!


Do I hold off and wait for them to rejuvenate? There are signs of tops growing in and more leaves, not drooping at all, is this just sunburn?

For the tallest seedling in the soil, I noticed the roots have found it's way through the bottom of the cup and are hanging out (picture below) the plant itself looks yellow and needs help I assume?
It's pretty moist in the dome but there's a bit of air from the holes on top too.

I spray daily and keep moist but done directly water.

I know it's a try and learn industry but any suggestions or advice is more than welcome.

Much love!
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