W7 Tomorrow any tips for next go around

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So my ladies are hitting week 7 tomorrow all new strains to me from smaller breeders.Chiquita Banana, Slymer XX, CBD Kush AF, 26:1 CBD are the strains. I haven't had a single leaf die off or lost any colour yet like I see most poeples start doing around week 5 or 6.had some nutrient issues the Chiquita Banana doesn't like anything even close to 1000ppm and anything over 900 the others don't like so I know for next go around. Not the biggest buds and I don't know if it's the Genetics, or cause I'm not running Co2 or the temp/humidity I was dealing with in Veg, one plant has been stunted since March I left it outside in -2 for 3 hours then out it close to the light and forgot it again so I cut the too half off of it and it has by far the smallest buds but the most trichomes as well lol...They are in a soiless mix of Peat Moss, Coco, perlite, Vermiculite and works castings getting fed Green Planet Nutrient and add ons. Any tips to increase my bud size for the next go around besides CO2 which I will be using in the fall after outdoor season? They were subjected to massive fluctuations in early Veg while I got my equipment dialed in between temp and humidity I think I did just fine. They are outdoors in my tent in a shed and temps in early March were below freezing. Pictures below including the temp humidity battle and I don't think my Hygrometer is accurate as I've opened the tent when it says it's 97% and it definitely wasn't that high.
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