Water chiller for a single GHE Waterfarm

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Hi there,

I am currently assembling a new DIY grow cabinet. This is also going to be the first time I am tipping my toes in the words of hydroponics.

Due to living in an old house under the roof with lots of window fronts, the temperatures in my apartment are just out of the comport zone in the cold months. Let’s not talk about summer, gave up growing during those months. AC’s are not a thing in my country - thanks Greta.

I intend to grow a single plant (scrog).
So I planned cramming a single GHE Waterfarm into my 60x56x200cm (2ftx1,84ftx6.56ft?) cabinet and cool it down with a water chiller.

Already ordered this one here because I got a good deal on it:

But since I am completely new to hydroponics I’ve got a few questions:

1. Did I choose a viable hydroponic system considering my confined space? Any other suggestions?

2. Opinions about the chiller I ordered? Will the Waterfarm have enough water for the chiller to work with? Will it be cooling constantly?
I had a look at the bigger Aquafarm as well, but it’s stealing more height

3. What flow rate should the waterpump have? I don’t plan to submerge it into the reservoir, as I like to save more root space. I was having a look at either one of those:


4. If I should order the small Waterfarm, is it possible to place the chiller inside the cabinet? According to the manual, the chiller has an active hot air exhaust, wich is not meant to be, but maybe could be let out of the cabinet through a separate hole?
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