Water temp a little high ????

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hey all i just set up a new operation and my res in the veg room is on concrete and my room temp is at 80 . the problem im having is my res temp is at 74 .any one have any ideas on how to get the temp down a bit to 67 or so ??? ive been doing this for years and never had an issue with it being to warm but hey there is a first for everything . thanks in advance :friday:


74 is fine man..... Most people would kill for temps that low without a chiller.


thanks guys for all the advice...
well before this it was in a different house but it was a full 70 gal before and my veg is smaller so im only running it at 30 gal right now. and as far as the pump i am running an eco but that was agreat idea to check and see if it is running hotter than usual , it is about 2 yrs old

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