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thought i would get everybody thinking and throw up their watts per square foot of canopy
im using 1000's on movers and thinking about bumping up to 1500's
kinna wana see where im at vs everybody else
i run 1 3x6 foot canopy per thounand watt
55 watts per square foot if my quick pot head math is correct


Hows this one masta,, 3 3x6 tables. Covered with 6 1000 watters touching in hoods and from end to end. Gota get a calc for the math. looks like 111.111 per sq foot. what do i win . never had light burn except when they were like 12" from the glass.

WW Lover

In my veg room, which is 5 x 6 I have 2 600w hps providing 176,000 lumens. That equates to 5800 lumens & 40w per sqft.

In my flower room, which is 6x6, I have 2 1000w hps providing 280,000 lumens. That equates to 7700 lumens & 55w per sqft.

Side lighting in each room consists of 2 4ft 8 bulb T5s on opposite facing walls.
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