So I'm starting my second grow my first in my new tent. I have a 4x4 tent running a 600w dimmable hps light. I have a 6 inch inline fan sucking through a vivosun carbon filter. I'm running the hps on 400w right now while the plants are small. I know MH is preferred for veg bug hps is what I have. Growing in foxfarms ocean forest soil with 33% perlite. They are on 18-6 lighting. Watering with tap water. No nutes yet. Temps are between 77-82 rh of around 30-40%. I need to get a humidifier. They are 9 days old.They are being grown from some purple mr.nice guy seeds that I got from my previous grow when it got pollinated by an unknown bagseed male. The problem I'm having is the leaves are dark and waxy looking. I've searched but am getting contradicting information on wether its nutrient burn or a nutrient deficiency. If anyone has an idea of what this is please let me know.

TLDR- plants 9 days old dark green waxy leaves?
Foxfarms ocean forest with 33%perlite. How do I fix it? Thanks in advanced
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Likely over-watering, make sure you have drainage holes, consider 20-25% perlite going forward, also invest in a pH pen, Fox Farms like 6.5 pH, good luck!
I have drainage holes. Could probably be better though. That is a good idea though because I do feel like I probably over watered for the first 3-4 days. I will get a ph pen. Do you feel a tds meter is needed or can I just measure nutes?Trying to keep this grow as cheap as possible until I can get a harvest and recoup some money.
So I dont know if you all would rather me make a new thread but I am used to packing as many questions into one thread as I can. With that said I let the plants dry out for a couple of days until I felt they were completely dry. I let them dry to around the same weight as a cup of unwatered soil. They appear to be doing better. I also had a 6inch fan blowing directly on them to strengthen the stems. I turned that to blow the opposite way because I feel it may have been overwatering combined with wind burn. I now have another problem cropping up on one plant it is brown round spots on one leaf. I just got my general hydro ph kit in. When I tested my tap water I was 8.0. I ph'd it down. I feel the brown spots might be nutrient lock out? What is your opinion? I dont want to make a noob mistake and throw nutrients at it and now that my water is the correct ph it unlocks the nutes and burn my plant. Lockout is the only thing I can think of because ffof is notoriously hot and I feel like it cant be out of nutes only 14 days in soil.

MOD- Could you please change the name of this thread to specsops general plant concerns or some thing like that? Would make it easier for people to find in a search; since this has grown to more than just the waxy leave issue.
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Not necessarily lockout; it still looks too wet unless you just watered? Any way that might be a leaf dying from the previous damage, just keep an eye on the new growth before you go changing anything : be careful not to over water again cuz that's a very common mistake for beginners and it can be devastating to a plant in the long run
Plants grown in Fox Farm soils sometimes have issues with the high level of nutrients that seem to be inherent in Fox Farms products. It's WAY to early to see any type of deficiency, so I would look towards too hot of a soil, too much water, or both. I use Promix which is impossible to overwater... I'm not familiar with how much water your soil will hold. Being mixed with Perlite should help considerably. I don't transplant, so I don't know if the cups are too small, but I would let them dry out somewhat...not dry, but less wet. I guess damp is the term I look for. I had some plants that I slightly overfed, and the leaves became somewhat waxy, but only on the very bottom where they didn't get strong light.
Yeah I had just watered before I took that picture beachwalker. I'm trying not to over water. I guess it could be a dying leaf I guess time will tell? That's what I was thinking Jim is it's too early to see a difency at all. And with them being in fox farms the chances are like 0%. It just doesnt look like normal nute burn to me, but then again this is only my end grow so what do I know. I'm going to let then dry out for a couple more days and then re pot and see how they are doing a couple days after. I'll let yall know thanks for the help.
Madbud thank you for that info. I'll go check right now so only 50-70ml of water per feeding? Seems a little low which might be why I'm overfeeding?