Weed That Smells Like Hay

Hi I was just wondering if there’s any tips of trick to get this awful smell away I think it dried out too quick. Any feedbacks appreciated


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You can add some moisture back to it and cure it out longer. I’ve done that a few times when I bought a bag and it was dried too much and too quickly. It takes a bit of time and moisture but it can be done.

I’d jar it with the lid on tight and see if you can get some internal moisture to come out of it. If not then you’ll need to add some to it. Those bovada (I think that’s the name) packets work well for this.
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Do what legal medical outlets do and soak some fake terps into the stems. Give them a surprise, hit em with the grape Botanicare when they open the jar. Cuz ya know, you can spray that shit on Ghost Train Haze or any well known strain and get away with it in the legal industry

Or call it 'vetiver' like TLC does. Yeah. Fuck legal weed!