Week 6 flower of very small plants, super stunts are almost ready to harvest.need finishing techniques for small plants any advice or suggestions are

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Week 6 flower photoperiod strain unknown. Temps 75° to 70° RH 53% Medium MG humus n honey, worm castings and dry amendments, silica, pearlite and bio booster.12/12 light cycle heargrow 3000w LED 645 true wattsfull spectrum plus far reds,IR,UV an UVB using samsung diodes(5000 umole at 18 inches!!!)water every 3 days. Feed ff nutes, MG p k booster, molasses n suger. Top dressed with ff ocean forest/happy frog with mycrrazea, worm castings and rice. Budz seem dry. I have experimented with a few defoliation techniques I plan on revegging them after harvest aswell. Any tips for late harvest boosts ?? Im open to all suggestions lmk what yall think of these girls. Go check my first post and look how small n sickly they where......
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Bruh. They look...not good. I get that you are proud of them, and that's what it's all about, but if you want to grow better smoke I've got two pieces of advice.
1. Get a better light. Don't kid yourself with that heargrow light, it is a lie. Sorry you got duped, but everything that company sells (from what I can see) is a lie. It's a damn shame.
2. Keep it simple, don't try a million things at once. Simple nutrients, simple training, try one thing at a time until you can grow a big healthy plant and sustain it through flower with minimal issue.

I can't wait to see your next grow, after what you learned on this one, keep your head up, you got some smoke out of it.

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