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Please join me in welcoming a new moderator to our ranks! The new volunteer is an experienced member of our community, he will assist users, enforce forum rules, and help us set site policies.

Our new moderator:


The goal of the administrators and moderators is to keep the forums enjoyable and useful for both forum members and site visitors. Enforcement of the rules is based on twin goals of consistency and fairness.

We're glad that this outstanding forum member, whose helpfulness over the years you may already have noticed, agreed to join our moderation team and continue his service to other users in an official role. We are grateful to all of our moderators for their assistance to the site and for accepting so much responsibility on your behalf.


@Moshmen...Congratz man! You make a great addition to the FARM Team and Community, as you've already helped out @ComfortablyNumb and I in so many ways...Which btw, I'm really loving the Magic Cookies (again TYVM 🥰), I'm hoping she'll be our Christmas Tree 2021! 👍🤪😁

Mahalo and Best of Luck! 🤜🤛🙌✌️😎

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