WESTSIDE test grow

Some good and bad news to report. All 5 seeds that I planted popped up and sprouted but my fams new kitten decided to start eating the sprouts. I was able to save 2 of the poor things. I was gifted 10 Westside so thank Jah I have 5 more ill be sproutin in a month or so.
Still vegging under t5s. I have been watering with RO and feeding these babys CANNA terra at full strengh. Ill be using all there additves as well.

last pic is both togather
you'r gonna love the west side, proper ko stone.take some clones asap.trim off any lowers asap thus putting all energy to the mainbud. personally i think it blows straight la con, with a better taste,more vigour and some killer meds.
alright i got these babys under the 600 watt triple xl and flipped the switch 4 days ago. they got there first feeding of CANNA terra flores last night. there streaching a least an inch a day and reek of goodness.
well we got dudes here. 2 dudes are gettin the chop and thrown away, no room here. ill be poppin the other 5 beans around halloween. im puttin togather a lil veg spot just for them.