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I'm pretty new on the site, like the atmosphere and thought I'd say hi and introduce myself.

I'm just a guy who thinks that pot plants make the best houseplants.
My pronoun would be "Meat Popsicle" Don't judge, it's just how I identify!

I grew up in Phoenix, AZ about 1.5 miles from Metro Center, back when hang gliders still launched off Shaw Butte Mountain...
I've had the pleasure of growing this fine plant in AZ, CA, CO, ID, NV and TX. I've only grown indoors up to this point but am thinking greenhouse later this year.
Been using living soil before there was even a name for it. I've grown hydro as well but for me the organic taste and smell in living soil really shows you everything the genetics have to offer.

My mother took away my first grow when I was 16. That was roughly the same time my father caught me smoking pot(for the first time). It did not go well... This is a man that has never had more than one drink every 10 ten years of his life and never smoked a cigarette. He is one of the many, brainwashed by Reefer Madness. I knew I had a better chance with Cheryl Tiegs on my wall poster, than I did with dad ever using pot. (she did look real good in the pink bikini tho;)
I digress

Fast forward a few decades:

My father was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. Currently available medical treatments can't help him. The chemo made him sick and the medications even worse. With literally no options left, he finally listened to my pitch about how this isn't just a plant that gets you high. There are likely untold numbers of cures to a vast number of illnesses know to man; spread across the world in the genetics of this plant. I even told him that I was stoned more than not during college for Electrical Engineering in which I graduated with a 4.0 avg. This was my brain on drugs...

And when I was done, to my utter shock, my step mother who has worked in law enforcement her entire life agreed, and so did my father. Furthermore, he goes to the VA and his doctors agree. Thank God the VA docs are finally allowed to discuss this option.

Now I am on a mission to, at a minimum, give him a better quality of life but I won't stop until I find the magical strain that will shrink this tumor. He has recently started CBD and will be dosing THCa so he won't get high, but it is tempting to see him get the paranoids for the first time. hehe

So far, much of my research is leading to S African and SE Asian strains to showing the most promise. These are also regions in the world where there are fewer reported cases of brain cancer and tumors. Unfortunately, there is not enough information available to determine if this has anything to do with the regional strains; but they will be grown anyway and I will have many spectacular crosses that will drip resin and spin your melon real good.

I'm up to beans for 70 different strains right now. Many Landrace pure strains and quite a few Dutchified strains that will hopefully provide smiles and some good breeding genes.
My next grow will feature a Highland Landrace Durban Poison and a Landrace Malawi Gold and a plant similar to a Canadian Juicy Fruit Thai: A Pakastani Landrace Indica female crossed with a male Landrace from the mountains near Chiang Rai Thailand.
My current grow features Blueberry CBD, the Tom Hill long IBL Deep Chunk, Dos-Si-Dos, Granddaddy Purple and Purple Punch.

History lesson:
Did you know that the schedule 1 classification of marijuana in 1970 was only supposed to be temporary?
The Schaefer Commission was enacted by Nixon to determine for the US Government whether or not it should stay classified. Two years later, when the commission presented its findings, the official recommendation was to declassify and decriminalize and treat similar to alcohol. Obviously this was ignored.

I read this article a while back (wish I could find it again). It alleged that the schedule 1 status may have been the Governments response to a medical research team asking to do more extensive cancer research trials, as it was showing promise with pig cancer cells. If you've seen it or the story on the hospital doing the trials, please post a link.

Take care people, or however you identify. 😆

Stepping off of soapbox.

Green side up^
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welcome to the farm!
nice to have old school growers join the site!

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