What’s going on? Seems like a deficiency?

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First Time Grower!

i have been growing 2 auto flower in DWC. Not sure on weeks as it was more of a ‘hey let’s see what happens’ start to growing. I think I am about 2 to 3 weeks from harvest for the plant on left. Second plant is running just behind. Flowers are starting to change colors. I ran an SF1000 through veg. Added an SF2000 for flower in 3x3 tent. Lights are 16/8. Up until a week ago everything looked amazing. I did add hydro guard to water changes mid point somewhere.

I have been running master blend 12 gram, epsom salt 6 gram, and calcium nitrate 12 gram per 5 gallon the entire grow. I was running ph at about 6.6 ish until about a week ago. A week ago I started getting some spots and did some research. Thought maybe it was manganese deficiency. I removed the spotted leaves and dropped ph to 5.8. Running same nuts with hydro guard.

attached at some pics from today. These spots are much smaller and less pronounced but coming back. Any advice is welcome.


yup, start that process of elimination - and pH is always a good start. maybe temperature of reservoir.

what are the other parameters like - temp within grow room? humidity? wondering if it is rust.

though my first thoughts was also cal-mag perhaps. but you gotta start with that pH.

check for bugs, too, just in case. not sure if we can jump yet to possible disease.

your grow area looks clean, but keep up this hygiene.

your pH levels seems high, but i'm a novice at DWC - so, i must leave this for others here to assist you.

you got most of it right, it seems, it's still a good grow, just have to resolve this issue quickly as poss.
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