What deficiency could this be?

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Hey y’all. First time grower here. My plants have been looking a little funky, yellowish tips, kind of crusty looking.

These babies are lemon skunk, 6 weeks old. Organic soil (peat moss, compost, humus, perlite, blood meal). Water ph’d to 6.5. Soil not ph’d. I water every 3 days (last watered 2 days ago). I feed a dose of calmag every Couple weeks (1ml per litre, recommended dose). They are in a 4x4x8 grow tent, under a phlizon 1500w and phlizon 600w. 18/6 cycle.

I realize there are other ways to figure out what’s wrong with my plant, but this is faster and more reliable for me..since y’all have done this before . If my question gets under your skin then don’t answer..not trynna ruin nobody’s day😂 (ive had bad luck with the softies on Weed forums for some reason..isn’t weed supposed to make u happy??)

That was for the princesses..as for the chill people, any help is appreciated!! Thank you
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