What growing medium is your choice?

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Hey guys I’ve completed my first grow and I’m well through my second one at week 2 of flower. I’m just curious about what you guys use for a growing medium and why. I used FFOF soil for my first 2 and it seems to be fairly easy to maintain. Are other types like coco, organic, DWC or other soils easier or Cheaper? Let me know what you use and why! Just looking to learn more. Thanks!


Soil. Super soil mix and supplemental bottle nutes along the way. "HOT mix bottom half, backfill container with base soil" style grow techniques. I've used FFHF as a base mix for the past three years. Dry amendments to build a super soil-ish mix. Seedling/clone in FFHF. Veg and flower in containers with SS. I topdress with dry amendments according to veg or flower needs. Feed occasionally with 1/2 strength NFTG liquids. Usually a ewc tea foliar and drench during veg, then a drench during flower to boost the microbes.

Over the past few years of indoor growing I can offer these bits of info.

Soil is entry level but also sustaining for many levels of cultivation expertise. Some swear by soil.

Soil is forgiving on the learning curve also. A healthy soil is nearly naturally self maintained. If you build a well balanced soil it will basically stay within a tolerable ph for cannabis cultivation. Hydro or coco that rely on liquid feeds can be tricky sometimes for beginners.

Some believe that soil produces superior aromas and flavors vs coco or hydro. I've only grown soil and I'm satisfied. I've blazed plenty of hydro or coco buds with mixed experiences. That's all up for debate though and is truly personal preferences.

Can be messy and cumbersome to maintain. Containers, bags of dry amendments, and amounts of soil. Space needed seems to be greater than straight hydro. Disposal or recycling soil or coco can take some efforts.

Hydro set ups not so much. Buckets with water, or tables and drenched cubes pretty clean to work with.

My offerings of knowledge. Take it or leave it. 💙🍻
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