what guano do you use?

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i can recommend guanokalong for flower..works great for me (aerated teas)
Guanokalong is a pure natural fertilizer. For this reason the composition of macro and micro elements may vary a little bit.

This fertilizer has been produced using natural resources of Bats dropping sediment. This deposit, through hundred of years has been decomposed and naturally processed.

The macro nutritive elements containing NITROGEN, PHOSPHOR, POTASSIUM and SULFUR perfected by other necessary micro elements, which are beneficial for plants.

Fertilizercontent guano:

Nitrogen (N) 0 % - 2 %
Phosphor (P2O5) 12 % - 20 %
Potassium (K2O) 0 % - 2 %
Sulfer (S) 0 % - 2 %
Calc/Magnesium (Ca)/(MgO) 15 %

Micro-elements: (in mg/kg dry material)

Cupper (Cu) 15
Sink (Zn) 20
Chlorine (Cl) 100


Grandma's Molasses for me.. found in the states. I've recently become a fan of molasses, its simply amazing.


I use Guanokalong and use Soma's method of making tea along with some organic blackstrap molasses from Meridian.

koopa troopa

i wouldn't consider molasses a type of guano :thinking...

budswel is pretty solid and doesn't burn plants really. i usually use 2-3 coffee filters and tie em up with a rubber band, so the particles don't float around or sit around in your mix and get that shit all salty. then tie a string and let the airstone do the rest in a 5 gal. bucket. add extras if need be...
Smoking Gun

Smoking Gun

I use Sun Leave's Jamaican Bat Guano for flowering. Along with that I use Roots Organics HPK. I really like the HPK, it is liquefied guano and so it can be mixed and applied immediately or in a tea.

Sun Leave's also has Mexican Bat Guano which is higher in nitrogen. I personally cannot vouch for it as I do not use it, but I have heard good things about it. I use a local seabird guano mix. I really find that it works very well.


Budswel bat guano (contains earthworm castings & seabird guano) the only guano locally accessible to me.
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