What have I messed up here

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Hope your all well

Still on a steep learning curve when it comes to this stuff. I've got 5 GG4 in veg and they're tall and not very wide at all apart from 1 which looks like its not going to come to much. The start of their life was a bit shit and they took a while to take off again as I abandoned them a bit when the last harvest was ready

I've transplanted and topped in the last 2 weeks (not at the same time). At the mo feeding around 900ppm using Canna range and in 75/25 coco/perlite. Just seen em in the uploaded pics below they look even sadder ffs 😆 Can I bring these back round and widen em out by tying down? Two out of the five do have 4 main tops due to slight FIMing when topping so not all bad I guess

What have i messed up here
What have i messed up here 2
What have i messed up here 3
What have i messed up here 4
What have i messed up here 5
What have i messed up here 6


Yes tie them down & feed them they look hungry

have been Defoliating during the veg stage or is that just the topping


they look ok. for shorter plants you just need a bit more light intensity. which node did you top?
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