What, if anything to do with Mr. Early Miss Auto.

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Found this the other day, and it's the only one, outta dozens and dozens of auto's... (so far).

Must be a stray pollen from either the Gorilla Glue, or the Grape Ape being spread at that time... So that means something to me, actually. New blood. Hmmm... Stems smell wonderful, inter noding isn't actually bad, for as much sunlight as it's been getting lately, it was sitting under the canopy a bit, off to the side. It had really nice tight inter noding before the stretch. I got a feeling it's a Gorilla x Early Miss Auto.

Should I pull a trigger?


Do it Frank, squeeze it in next to the others, you know you want to, flower off your excess in one go, better than a trashing. 👍
Yea, I want too, that's for sure. I just don't care for male offspring, but it needs to be done. I think I'll do it in a controlled way, so I can keep any male seeds, for backup's then replicate females on the next generation. I think I'll try and mark low limbs on 3 nice looking plants.

I'll let the pollen cook awhile outside, until it's fully ripe.


Good root ball, crying out to be up potted, squeeze it in some were. lol
Yea, I've got 3 autos in similar pots, approximately 20 ounces of coco, and their in early flower, maybe two weeks. I'm wondering if I should put them up on the hillside with the others, and let them flower up there, or maybe take them out to the mountains, and leave them out there long term, it rains almost every morning there, and the soil is prime.

I might do both actually, just got to get out there.

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