What is eating my plants !!? Despite pesticide treatment ?

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Hi guys,
I’m a newbie to growing ,
I’m on 3rd grow , made every mistake from over and under watering , too many nutes ,too little nutes Et cetera

I’ve had thrips , and they were fairly easy to get rid off .....

But this is something totally different ....

I’ve said this before and people on here weren’t best please or basically advised against it.
But if it’s in a nice hot sunny day because they’re so rare here I do like to put my close outside and you can just see how much they love it they grow a tremendous rate outside on a sunny day, ( don’t get me wrong , they grow brilliantly under my lamps too)
But I’m sure you can’t beat natural!!
I wouldn’t do it if I hadn’t treated my plants , as I know that the stuff I use keeps All bugs at bay for at least two weeks after spraying !!

Anyhow ,
I had one leaf (just one with brown spots on it either side of the vein, was the first true leaf I believe, it only happened a few days ago,

I’ll post that photo first , This is the plant I have had most trouble with ,
The other one hasn’t been a problem at all untill I woke this morning to find two huge holes out of the top fan leaf , which really pissed me off!!!

Any ideas on what it could be ??

I know I’ll get backlash for taking them outside , but I have other reasons too,


I have:

both in a medium of 35% coco coir 35% bagged compost : 30% perlite ,

As seedlings they were in 60/40 coco and perlite ,

Under a 400 w LED FULL SPECTRUM UFO (which has really impressed me actually ) my last plant grew like crazy when I switched ,

Water with liquid nutes by the name of formulex , whcih they have both handled well, I found that they grew double speed in coco with daily nutes from week 2 than I found in my last grown which was mainly fertiliser !
I could do with some advice on nutes.

Can I double dose ? What extra nutes are handy etc etc ,

My ph is 5.8-6.8 roughly, I checked the run off and it has come back more like 6.5-7 so amazon are bringing me a bottle of PH DOWN today !

I’ve read up lots ,
But tbh I really struggle with the whole ppm thing ?

I know that with coco my ph could be slightly lower , the plants seem happily , which was my plan with the fertiliser So I didn’t need to feed nutes every single day !

Like I said, I started for the first time ever 4 months Ago, so any help and advice is hugely appreciated. and go easy on me !
Nothing worse than starting skmetnjng and being knocked haha.
Oh I should mention I’m doing this because I had bladder cancer , amongst anxiety and depression and other stuff,

So I’m hoping to find some great recipes for oils , creams , smoothies , you name it ! Unfortunately although it’s plentiful here In the U.K. , due to a backwards government , we are nowhere near even medical marijuana !!!
I use cbd daily , but it’s crazy expensive from shops!!!!
I am sponsored by a jui jitsu company that give me free cbd I noticed changes straight away, hence the lockdown hobby!!!

I love the look smell , everything about cannabis, but I hate getting high, I used to get asked how I would take hard stuff but couldn’t smoke a j, it floors me, back when I was younger ,! I would do stupid shit like go clubbing and take mdma and then coke at then after party, stay awake for 3 days , but yeh, one drag of and j and it’s like I’ve been knocked out !

Thanks guys , appreciate any advice
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