What is everybody putting outside this year?

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What is everyone putting outside this year?

I am thinking about ATF,bubba,gods gift,cheese,g13/sour diesel


early durban, thai x skunk, callizar, haze x skunk, whatever else i can afford. (n afford to lose)


i'm looking at using my ssh along with power skunk and a few cuts of gumtree in containers


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Still very undecided, Im gonna throw 3 of these Mr. Nice Mango Haze's cuts out back for sure. I will have to comeback and update when I decide what else im gonna put out back.. To much to decide on..

Karma Genetics

Going for a Leb#27 seed run.

A MightyMight B3N7 PurplePeace seed run.

And for flowers i will be running about 10 of Esben's 2008 crossings. Also still got a mom from Esbens Purt i think i should make a litle field with those.


Jack The Ripper, Agent Orange, Space Queen, Killing Fields, Killing Kush, and Pure Afghan.

Was going to grow:

Dr Jekill

But they only come feminized. Scrapped those choices.

Really, Really, Really, Really wanted to grow:

Grim Reaper, but the seeds don't exist anymore.

Waiting for:

Killa Queen, might go outside, depending if they arrive in time. Indoor for sure.


'pineapple polly' is getting greenhouse room this year.
[c99x grapefruit] x [haze x skunk1]
total pollen chuck. weve got the room. so we gonna fill it. pineapple for the pineapple c99 that was used in the GF cross and 'poly' for polyhybrid. she'll get a real title if anything worthy is found.

'photon torpedo' romulan x K2
will be undergoing final outdoor testing.
ill open a thread a bit later...but....
weve been playing with this one for a while and
these will be donated along with the Chemdog dd projects; once all is done.
the romulan is an old cut...quite colorful and sativa like in effects and growth(not much like todays seeds from FED and NG), and, the K2, was sourced from HGF....
very similar to white widow, as stated in their 'breeders description'....
everyone whos tried it likes it alot, so, i hope all of you will, too.

one a side note:
these (photon torpedo)would be perfect for a newer grower who wants easy yields with more than ample potency. those who need to take pain from an 8-10 to a 5-7 would really benefit from these and those who suffer from nausea or need an appetite stimulator would find good use with photon torpedo, as well.
random, short bursts of creativity and energy, have been known to occur as well, but arent pronounced, or long lasting as the overall sedative nature of the buds dominates.

ill shut up. when these are done and ready to go, ill post a heads-up


soda seeds

Jaysprout's Mighty Bubble, Mighty Durban, MAF, Freezeland bx and Mighty Freeze

BreederBrad's Mighty Mite x Auto Affie, timewarp x godzilla grape, and cali/mango x godizlla grape, gg x congolese

Green's GG #5 and mix pack

Double Purple Dojo, and some s99 crosses

MSS, Mendo Purps, Pre98 Bubba, Green Crack, Chemdog D, The White

These are all on the list right now, we'll see how many end up working out . Should be a fun season with a hell of a lot of work. I wanna be like the candyman of the east coast....LOL, but I need about 80 more to add to the list I think before that.:afroweed:


damn i like to get some white and lvpk to go outside ,but there are no hooks here few and far between


I'm too paranoid to grow outdoors in my own garden, just because my neighbours will odds on grass me up. Am planning on putting some AFs in my local park just because I've got the seeds still, but I'm not expecting them to last full term (you should see where I live.....am surprised people aren't growing crack trees :))

soda seeds

Not sure how the white does outside as I haven't tried it yet, but I figure its worth a shot.

Down South Sage

Texada timewarp(peaks),black widow,master kushx skunk(shanti),blue dynamite&blueberry punch (next gen),NL#5(bcsc&peak,GG#3,SSH,Super lemon haze,cheese,blue cheese,Northernberry,himalaya gold,church,BigBang.I think thats it and i prolly won't get them all worked in but im gonna try.I've been marking spots for 2 weeks and have about 8 or 10 so far so i think i can get to a bunch of them.I am itching to start seeds but wanna make sure all the freezes are gone.
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