What is everyones favorite strain?

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What is everyone's favorite strain? Post pics if you can. And where to get them


So far the deathstar I grew recently is still on top of my list. Very loud and pungent in a good way, in flower it starts smelling a bit like burnt rubber lol theres other earthy and herbal tones but the burnt rubber smell is noticeable. It's not like a bad, choking after a car does a huge burnout kind of smell... kinda hard to really describe the whole profile, you gotta try this stuff! It's potent and pleasant but this ain't no Mickey mouse stuff so go easy at first lol. Got another indica that I'm really fond of too but I don't know what strain it is but it's super frosty and sticky, quite potent plus it smells and tastes sweet like fruitypebbles with a lil gassy/hashy. Barely any training needed as these 2 strains bushed out naturally wide.

Below, death star from last run

Unknown indica from last run

Below, same unknown ind. strain from same mother plant but from this current run which is close to done. Excuse the yellowness lol I got lazy last run and gave just tap water too many times in veg and only got some color back when I flipped. I didn't run ds this run but got another one lined up for the next upcoming run


These were cuts from a friend, I've seen death star on various seed bank sites, I'll have to do some more digging to find out what the unknown strain is, I had a hunch it was fruit loops stain but im really not sure
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