What Is The Top Three Strongest Strains You Ever Smoked?

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hey everyone what's the strongest strain you've ever tried? Mine is hands down 1.OG ghost train haze 2. white rhino 3. mk ultra.
Devils Breath would be the #1, #2 would be Permafrost and #3 would be Red Six!


1)Super Skunk… Just insane. Made me love weed tbh.
2)Bubba OG. Probably the best but I dk
3)Apple Fritter.. Very random source and recent smoke but really put my dick in the dirt… No clones available 😢


funny, but i dont think i would know.

i grow, dry, taste, and think - well thats good. then i smoke on it a day or two till another comes in.

once i have smoked it for a few days it is mostly just like the rest (i mean stoned wise, flavor wise some are definitely horrible, but all smokable)

i smoke a LOT, i mean a WHOLE LOT, and none of it stones me like when i only smoked some.

now, heres another funny, ive recently opened some i had put up - super sweet so i wasnt fond of it, and wow!! big difference! no longer super sweet, has a nice kick, smooth smoke... but no clue what it is, i was stoned and didnt write on the bag! so, my stonedness made my search for stoney stuff complicated.

i love that it is not the thc that matters so much. ive had some that tested at 18 that made me goofy and couch bound and some i have now that tests at 24 and its good, but not so stone-y.

i found some that actually seemed to reduce the swelling in my shoulder... but now i think back and maybe it just locked me to a couch and i didnt stress my shoulder out

with the surgery to the shoulder and the ready access to smoke, i decided this is the best pain meds around. it may not actually reduce pain, but lock me to a couch and i dont try to do things that make it hurt, i just watch movies and smoke - lighting it was hard at first, but i went electronic! push button, smoke, giggle at movie...

i want one that knocks my socks off, but i think, like all the others i will get use to it and it will be just ok. so variety is the spice to my life! and the best way ever to get through shoulder recovery!


Might have already posted here but im bored...

In terms of both flavor and a noticeable novelty blastoff high and not just an og high.

Purely for flavor.
Deathstar (again),

Forbidden fruit the top fruit flavor hands down. other grapes and purples dont come close. your room will smell so sweet for hours after a joint. You could literally use it to prepare your house for guests who dont even smoke weed. Dont light candles just smoke some FF.

Mystery diesel that one time. The guy said not sour or new york but just diesel so I dont know what that meant really. Super liquidy globular trichs jumping way out. Sugary sweet flavor. So smooth on the lungs. Awesome high. Wish I knew what it was. He wanted 75 an 8th back in the mid 2000s

One more honorable mention. Ok flavor. All about the blastoff. That would be the good ol NL boys. And SSH.
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Gelato , red dragon and that was years ago and one from the dispo that was claimed to be 35% thc sira Tahoe og. But soo far I liked Gelato soo much I grew some an great to grow an smoke from crop kings seeds
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Ive got some stuff right now called Willies Kush Cake from an artisanal commercial grower in Jackson Mi. called Alverez that tested at 32.66%. Good smoke/buzz and leaves the house reeking wonderfully for the day. I like all that info on your label KD. My dispensaries labels are weak.
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