What Is The Top Three Strongest Strains You Ever Smoked?

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Lemme get some more of my fav OG snaps out there..






1. G-13 (airbourne) X Heritage sativa blueberry bred by @Reeferman
2. uncrossed pure OG Kush circa '01

I have mothers of 2 and 3.... still hoping reef gets to making that cross again, I know his wife likes it too.... knocked many people in Nor-Cal for a loop back in 04-05...
Have any pics of the 01' Pure OG Kush, is it the same pure OG Kush cut Nspecta uses at CSI Humboldt


I'm coming back to re-evaluate my choices.. I forgot whatever place i put Deathstar in.. But were bumping that to the #1 spot.

Even with my fucked up tolerance and ridiculous smoking habits, I can still get hella fried from a bowl of DS everytime.

Sensi Star X Sour D

Chea get sum :D


1-Dr Greenthumbs Endless Sky
2-Dr Greenthumbs Flook Juice aka Endless Sky x Big Purps
3-Nirvanas Ice

Had a endless sky pheno, the best from 2 regular packs and 1 fem pack that was just deadly potent, and tasty, potency and taste are 12 out of 10, Had 6 Flook juice beans doc gave me for free and they were till this day the frostiest bud I've seen, frostier then our OGR white s1 cut, the best female from 10 packs. 2002 outdoor nirvana ice had a fruity fuel pheno that was more potent 3 days removed from outside then anything else we grew that year, 10 different strains and wet ice was more potent then the others cured, when cured it was scary potent, 2-3 hits were 1 too many. Had 3 strains from the damn in 2000 twister, misty, and DP blueberry, grew a pack of each at a farm in New Hampshire and the twister was serious, same with misty, had a blueberry pheno that had dark purple stalks/stems and veins in the leaves. Had that blueberry till this past winter when it and our whole blueberry project was stolen. The project was BB(BB x reverse white s1 cut). Ran 75 beans of BB x reversed white, took the top two females and reversed them on the same BB cut, ran 75 beans, did the same with our 03' DJ short BB cut all were in 1 gallon equivalent airpots and the females were 10 days from harvest when all was taken, seed stock in small fridge, hps setups, co2 tanks, a/c, heater, airpots, nutrients, clones, everything taken!
Close in potency is Triangle Kush, Face off OG, Abusive OG, Wifi, Ghostrider V2 and biker Kush v2 cuts, 88g13/hp, ECSD x G13/hp x snow lotus, Chemdog #4 x g13/hp x snow lotus, our GDP cut, our Blue Power Cut, our Gage's Breakout cuts blue diesel Dom and NYCD Dom, Ghostbuster Kush aka (Ghost OG x Katsu bubba bx) our dr Greenthumbs Chemdog #4 s1 cut, Grandpas Haze aka GDP x Mango Haze, Heavens Staircase aka (Santa Marta Columbian Gold x reversed GDP) x (CBG Malawi x PCK/NL5), our Heavens Staircase Remix aka (Columbian Gold x reversed Bio Diesel) x (CBG Malawi x Colt.45 aka Chemdog #4 x 89 NL5. Our Heavens staircase series is puttin out some sick phenos, we're finding multiple phenos with electric mind and body numbing phenos, everything is unique, ran 75 Heavens staircase and 10 of the remix, All 4 remix phenos are potent, #3 is the most potent bud I've smoked since the endless, Flook and Ice and that was so long ago it might be even more potent.
Sinner D

Sinner D

Limited in my experience but the top 3 I think i can do..

#1 Master Kush *I've never been higher in my life..* But that was when i had no tolerance to weed, I got so uncomfortably high off that shit.

#2 Deathstar Clone only cut. Sensi Star X Sour D *now with a tolerance D-Star makes the #1 cut*

#3 would be a 3 way tie, Between Sour Bubble, Trainwreck, and Qrazy train.
1. Deathstar - A strain I like all the way around the
2. AK-47 - Got me "uncomfortably high" as LD posted of his/her experience w/ Master Kush
3. Some unknown stuff I bought from a Rasta in Jamaica in April of 98' - Blew my freakin' top off!


1995 N.L. #5 / Haze
Cali Mist

* Guys talking about older weed being stronger, they are not lying. Funny how that happens when your choosing stock or phenols from true F1 stock. When you cross an IBL w/ sativa or pure indy with satty true greatness comes forth, might take more time finding it or more work developing line ....

The n.l would come around twice a year from 92'-96 $500 per oz no deals. This was from the guy, second hand it was $700 and nobody sold it if you could get it, one giant cola per o.z. My buddy was wrestling in nationals for michigan that year, I smoked up 20 people in hotel with blunt ( 1 quarter of kine ), 4 people could not leave hotel room ( one coach ), security was running around three different floors in a hyatt and when we made it outside some of the guys and girls could not even walk rolling around on the ground laughing, total chaos .... And one of the girls gave me a b.j. up against oak tree. What a night !!!
Got Damn!!!!!! Those were the Mutha Fuckin Dayz!!!!! I'm 42 now and we would get that shit from KZOO. First time I smelled weed in someone's pocket double bagged across a room when they first walked into a house. Damn if we only had cuts of that shit now!!
Mr Bee

Mr Bee

nepali og x goji f3
Sensi star
And some skunk i smoked in the 90,s.
i doubt it was really that strong but i hadnt really had stuff like that b4 then.just hash n poor import weed but that skunk sent me to the moon.


1. Malakoff ( white widow * strawbery haze )
2. Hawaiian Snow
3. White widow

I don't know if strongest but yes very strong and real nice " high "
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Grew some Skunk 20 years ago that was trip inducing. AK47 - smoked two joints and physically couldn't feel a thing and an unknown strain a rasta shared in St Lucia.
prolly was Lambsbread. My uncle was importing it direct from a Rasta Mon. Been tryin to recreate that high for many years!!!! Aint gonna happen.


What ever became of Thai stick and all the old classic strains? Those were the days (sigh).
Those classic strains....including highland and lowland thai...are "incorporated" into just about every popular hybrid out there in some fashion.
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