What should i do???😟

I think I have this female here what do you guys think? I'm not sure but I think it's a girl anyways I see spider webs and I'd like to know what I can use to get rid of those lil fellas so I can try to get some decent nugs from her? I've seen liquid ladybug I think it was called has anyone tried it or anyone have a recipe I can make the last time I grew outside she looked nice but those fukin caterpillars 😭😡🤬👹 I got over them and I let them have her I'd like to keep this batch if possible thanks again👍✌🙏
No balls sack on it c'mon guys really dammm I thought it's a girl! What a bummer how much longer u guys think shell show? I did fimm it
I don’t think its male, just a fim. If the stipules in the blue circle cross over its definitely not male. Don’t see any spiders but they are not a problem. If you don't want cats again, get some BTK.
Thise hairs looking like they want to cross like u say but I can just hope I guess maybe she will show in a week or 2 and I just repoted it too 😳🤦‍♂️🤬🙏