What State Smokes The Most Marijuana (infographic)

Your question makes me wonder now what state has the best strains and growers. I guess we'll never know until its legalized in every state.
How would we ever know? Weed standards vary more than anything from region to region. And contests are not judged they are sponsored.

Each state thinks they have the best weed. Norcal has the best grower community. Thats a fact. But the midsouth is where most their danksters originated.
I made a quick research and it seems like Colorado is number 1.
Don't know if it's true though.
State: Colorado
Percent Using Marijuana in Past Year: 21.6%
Total Users: 909,000
Percent Using Illicit Drugs Other than Marijuana in Past Month: 4.4%
Maximum Fine for Possession: $100,000