What Wrong with My Honey Dips? Droopy, Clawed Leaves.

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PH: RO water with nutes run at 6.0. Haven't taken run off.
Nutes: Bloom 9ml, Micro Hard Water (Which could be the culprit) 6ml, Epsom salt 6ml.
Temps (Another possible problem): Hi's hit 70 exactly, Lows at night lately have been running at 62. Ouch.
Lights: 400wt mh running 24/7.
Fans and ventilation: 4" inline.
Medium: Straight coco.

I've heard when running micro hard water when you don't have hard water can cause a calcium lock out or a lock out of some other type. Also, maybe cold temps have something to do with it. The worst looking plant was the only mom I transplanted but then some of the other plants started getting the symptoms.

The last thought and please don't tell me its them: RA!!!! This problem is only happening in this veg room and if thats the case I'm scrapping the plants and starting new. I fucking hate RA!!!!

Also: Overwatering?

Everything else I have iss looking healthy as shit but is running in optimum conditions. What your thoughts Farmers?


Clones seem to be doing good though...


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As I just posted in another thread check the tips of new growth for broad mites! You can easily see them with a cheap scope.


You might be hitting them to hard with your fan. Your new growth is what is looking wilted. I would also never use something for hard water on RO water. I don't think temp is your problem though.


I agree you should switch to a regular micro product instead of hard water. Also with RO you may want to add some cal/mag.
You mentioned overwatering as a possibility. Is it? How often do you water and how dry do they get between those times? Your temperatures are not too low for good health, but they will reduce the VPD which causes the plants to uptake less water and require less frequent watering.


Had something happen like this recently. Ph meter took a shit and took me a few days to figure it out.
We Solidarity

We Solidarity

sooo you're running plants in veg, 24/7 lights, with RO water.

how long have you been feeding them bloom nutes? are they about to flip into flower? and why so much epsom salt?

also - switch your micro - or just stop using ro...by using the hardwater micro you're trying to compensate for a problem that's not even there. I'd imagine that will really mess with your ph in the soil too...

Those plants are in veg, i'd be giving them a grow formula, nothing more than 800 ppm with a cal/mag product and grow product, as for micros you can stagger molasses, epsom salts, and a micro product every three feedings...and I'd consider that to be pumping it hard on nutes. in my experience w/ smaller plants, less is more, and molasses is your friend :)

good luck!


Definitely don't use Hard Water Micro with RO water, especially with coco as a medium. Coco tends to need more Ca then soil and HW Micro has less Ca plus your RO water has none.

It looks like your using the Lucas Formula, so switch to regular Micro if you wanna keep that formula. IMO I wouldn't use Lucas, like Solidarity said, get a grow formula and add CaMg, but if you wanna keep using Lucas then your plants will probably never recover unless you use the normal Micro because they will always lack Ca and Mg. Good luck.
Luke Harrison

Luke Harrison

Depending on the brand of coco if using a cheaper brand they don't leach out the salt coco is salty (Botnicare coco is zero salt) and then your adding salt. Stop and flush girls with low ph water 3's or 4's so they wont uptake anymore till they start to yellow a little then get nutes designed for use with coco such as canna, house and graden, etc. Reason is there formulated to compensate for the coco salt. Just add the base and hold off on the calmag and such till you see if the girls need it Keep it simple. Just like a lady if you listen it will tell you what it needs not what you think it needs! LOL IMO


i don't see anything that has to do with a calmag deficiency. Its most likely the nutes your using. Especially if they are made for hard water and your using ro water. Most likely the problem. If not then its overwatering or cold room temps. What temp is the water you are feeding with?


cylamine mite or broad mite no dought they run rampant in hawaii I have seen that exact damage 100 times AVID or MERIT nothing organic will work on these type of mites period! Good luck


The plants that I took pictures of were moms. Both in pots that had poor drainage. So what u see is over watered moms with root rot that I tossed.

Note to self. Don't buy pots with drainage that lies higher then the base.


Dump those trays under them when they have any standing water. I've had standing water kill roots and cause rot before. Glad to hear the problem was overwatering and not mites, much easier to fix. Good luck Ron.
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