What's everyone's thoughts or suggestions for my outdoor season!!

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This is my First time growing a outdoor plant. So far I believe she is going very well. But I would like to get the opinion of some people that have been growing outdoor for a while. This is my Strawberry Banana (Aka Strawcana) strain. It was from seed that was started germination on April 29th 2021. It is currently 34 days old. It was about 8" tall and then I filled in the remaining space in the pot with more Coco to make the plant more stable in the wind. It is on its 5-6th node set and the stem is pretty thick for its size. I'm just waiting on the plant to get about 12-14" tall and I will be transplant her into a 25G (100L) fabric pot with a mixture of coco, peat moss and shrimp compost, dolomitic lime, perlite and worm castings. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on if she is going in the right direction, and if anyone else has any ideas or suggestions for me on the mixture ratio or anything that will help me get a decent harvest from this Beauty.

Thank you!

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