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was wondering what this is all about? are you gonna be selling your wares here? if so what strains do you have available? will be watching whats going on with yall in the near future. thanks for the reply in advance!
peace and happy huntin round here.
i can proudly say my allstar seeds given too me to test have sprouted and the little babies look good. still not ready to put outdoors but the time is close:rauch08:
We will keep you updated from now on treu this section on the forum.

At this moment we have a new pollination coming up from a couple of strains, our selected male that we used in past breeding program is our candidate ;-)

Male (northerlight)

The girls : these are the original mothers !

-red congolese aka j.sinclair
-LA confidential

off course you guys will take part again by testing out the freebies ;-) of this cross.

Will post some more pix of the zilvermist that was selected as the og mamma ,and that is cloned 70x to give a try in a cabinet because we want to get this pheno in the coffeeshop .
I also like to test plants for stress and heat resistence and i can tell you these babys can handel it.(the lower cabinet is around 36c) but had it for 5 days around 45c ,and they look perfect .
The aroma that comes of gives me a hint of the og zilverhaze i like to describe it as a mellon like aroma ,but sharper also reminds me of a hint of thai/cambodian ... one things for sure its gonna be highhhh

The kaligria we have 2 favorite phenos that we need to clone out for our coco grow (12x600) will start a thread in 3 weeks ;-) guys .

Thecrosses we did in the past will be an option to bring out but we like to keep it simple and most important fun ;-)
damn guys-these babies grow fast.got them under tl lamps and they seem to double in size each day. trying out four other seed strain from other companies. mount cook from kiwi seeds looks good. few more days and then these allstars are goona be put out in the big bad outdoor world.any tips to help them survive first few weeks.also got an old ww2 landmine-feel like placing that nearby my babies incase rabbits wanna munch on them.

friend of mine also wanna test seeds-get them while they free-u guys gonna win some cups soon
best smoke ever-1 sunburst from barneys 2 grey shark_ from grey area. 3 big buddha blue cheese-the first batch-sweet tasting-dank buds also from grey area.

Nice to hear, I am 100% down for some L.A. Con cross testing!

I have 4 of each germing now, will post a new thread once I get the sprouts rolling! If you don't mind posting a few pics of the keeper Kaligria phenos, I will keep an eye out and push those ones!
Hey there doornob ,just make sure there developed enough to place outdoors ,tl is perfect for that the stem needs to be thick enough and they need enough leafs. Make sure there not in direct sunlight and wind and it would be great that you control watering by hand when the babies are growing strong you can play around ;-)
I will upload some pictures soon of the selected kaligria ;-)

just make sure the start of the babies needs the most attention ,
fluctation of tempertures ,humidity ,etc can determin your male /female ratio.

have fun ......
Been able to keep it a pretty solid lately, lets hope that stays on course. and just an update- 4 for 4 germ on the Kaligria and 4 for 4 germ on the Zilvermist. 24hrs of paper towel germ and there are 1/4 tap roots. Gotta love 100% germ on the first try!
its always nice to see new breeders.with new breeders come possible elite cuts. your LA/NIGHT cross sounds sticky icky.i have never grown a notherlight i didnt like so i can imagine what kind of genes the daddy will pass on.wish you the best in this bean market.


yea the NL helps with the vigour, LA(DNA clone only) is real slow growing and yields are less than most strains.
so we have improved it by adding some NL to the mix.
these will be up for testing in a couple of weeks..
We have alot of old-school strains that we will be reintroducing soon.
watch this space :)

negative 1

so is there a way to get a t shirt < i like the logo btw> if not selected to be a tester? i like the sounds of the lacon and northern lights i've always liked the atomic n.l. from doc atomic. thanks fellas
Hey there negative and adam ,why dont we put you on the next tester list, in september the only favor we ask in return is that u you must start a thread , besides the free testers we motivate you guys with a t-shirt then ;-)
All testers that where selected for zilvermist and kaligria received the package ?
Will start a thread from building a room to harvest tommorow and post the first pictures
we made 130x clones that are in veg now ,
we like to work with deadlines ;-) so we have max.3 weeks to finish the room in the mean time the babys are growing so we can select 108 x candidates.
Will put only 9 plants per lamp 11 l pots with cocos and full drippersystem.
There is no favorite method of growing for asg ,we like cocos,soil,rockwool,hydropnics but for this spot cocos is the best way .....
will keep you updated on this clone only grow .
asg thanx bro for the kindness. i would love to do a tester for you.i can do a documented grow of it.wow a t-shirt to are you the next arjan?lol again thanx and hope to rock your gear

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yeah man, i'll test, i got a thread rightnow happenin. it's not labeled real well so it don't get too much traffic but its there and pretty well documented. right now i'm experiencing a cal mag <more mag> deficiency but fed em last night with a brew of mother earth super bloom brewed for two days with budswell guano and molasses with an airstone to unlock more goodies in the mix. the deficiency is only in the phnom phen strain which is a 80 to 90 day flowerer so i'm hoping it will straighten out. i got about 17 more days <give or take depending on plants> till about 2/3 comes down. strains are sr 71 purple kush x appalachia, williams wonder ix-1, Snowdog x Chemdog D, agent orange, double grape,phnom phen and there is one more that i can't think of a the moment. sorry for posting pics of strains tha are not yours just trying to give ya a feel for what i'm doing. also due to so many different strains the canopy is a little hard to manage but nonetheless.....thanks for hooking it up i'd love to try something with your northern lights out....