Whats up everyone, & ah special whats up to Cali!

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Smoke Dream

Hi all,

I joined not too long ago, but lost access for a short while. Got everything squared away and ready to check out the Farm!D
I've gotten alot of info here & the peeps seem great & very informative.
There alot of names of people here who I heard getting talked about w/relation to chemdog. I hope that here I will be purely informed of true statements & not false accusations if informed at all.
With that said, I'm glad to be by great breeders with hawk eyes for selection!D I hope I can learn everthing I can from you all, because I can't imagine doing anything else I love as much as this!

your brahda,
Smoke Dream

Smoke Dream

Thanks All! It's been great so far! I need to spend some more time around, lots & lots of catching up to do.
I snagged some CVK fems from The CC & ah few gems from Logics auction.
Would love to hear some words on the Super Stardawg!

Peace all,


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Glad to have you bro. You get the best of both worlds here, the worlds finest genetics and breeder knowledge to go along with it. What more can you ask for.
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