whats wrong with these?

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nothing.im just being an ass.im stumped as far as how long its supposed to take for it to finish.its about 3 and a half months old.some hairs are turning orange.quite a few leaves have the resin glands on them.its not getting any taller but the flowers or whatever the hell they are are getting leafier and bigger.if my memory is correct,its been showing preflowers since about the middle of june or so.any help really is appreciated.got some more pictures too.cant see the glands though.


Most strains run 8 to 10 weeks frpm the time the light cycle is changed to 12/12.The buds seem a little wispy and thin but other than that they look fine.


They look fine. Bud size is in relation to amount of useable light. If you want em fatter they need more light, otherwise your good!
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