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Yo yo mack....

It is a bit slow on the forum but thats only because we are busy with seed making.
We are trying to create a feminized version of the westside and perhaps el cid this will take us a while.

About any new strains we are not releasing anything this year the main focus is keeping everything in stock and supplied the zilvermist/westside/and don tangelo are at this moment strains that will be circulating more this is all in progress ;)

Off course at the side we keep on testing stuff (for other people) got some nice seeds from friends in mexico and canada will try to find interesting stuff for our selfs perhaps something could come out of this in the near future but for now it's our existing line up.

mack 10

mack 10

Big ups Allstar Og. Keep us posted, Love the west side! real heavy indica.An i've still got some zilvermist in the stash, time to break em out,i think. mack.
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