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Brand new, first post👋🏼 Looking to build a “commercial” fixture
I have poked around and found some96x lm301H +B strips, 40x450 mm extruded fin heat sinks, , the meanwell 240 what have you driver aluminum angle for the frame etc, all sourced from mostly different online and local sources. I have a limited knowledge of electronics, and all the time in the world, looking to fit 350 wall watts in preferably a single, 34”x34” footprint for a 3x3 tent.

I know I could buy a couple 150w lights from China for around the same price I can build it for, but it seems I have a bit of a passion for this little project that has been living in my head for some time.

Are there any folks that could point me in the direction of any info on an actual build and or alternatives to supplies or suppliers
Any help or direction is much appreciated
Thank you

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