Where to stick it? Options other than rockwool for clones?

Where to stick it? Options other than rockwool for seeds/clones?

I'm a noob, so any thoughts or tips on my setup, or anything I say is mucho appreciated.

I'm just curious what all the options are, as for what to put clones in after you cut them? I know rockwool is the most popular, as well as soil, but what else? I assume my growing method is what will dictate what I choose to put my clones in?

I think I'm going DWC hyrdo(2 plants per 1 rubbermaid 57L/15gal, 24 x 16 x 12½), and either going to use neoprene collars and just have the roots hang, or use lava balls(better support?). I'd like to know how I'm going to get from fresh cut clone to vegging plant for either of those methods? I've heard using a rockwool cube and covering it in lava balls isn't the best way, as the rockwool cube holds lots of water and can cause problems later on?. What I'd like to do, once the clones have some roots, is to clean them off to bare roots, then either put them in laval balls or use the collars. I just don't know how I can root a clone in something, then remove that something so I can put the rooted clone in it's final home?

These are going to be moms used to make clones for an outdoor this summer. Do my growing methods sound like good choices for what I want to do?

So the most important answer I'm looking for is what should I put my clones in?

Rockwool should work great as long as your dont keep it constantly soaked... if you are doing dwc then the rockwool should always be above the water level. Problem never occurs. Rockwool clones can go into both your soil and hydro plans.

Plenty of writeup on cloning in rockwool, follow anyone, they are all similar enough and you can get cute later
oasis cubes are also a nice alternative to rw, takes a few days longer than rw to see the roots i want but i feel its a cleaner media and i get some really explosive rootin going on. to me, rockwool is to soil as oasis is to coco.
just build your own cloner and use the net pots, or get some 1' collars and forgo the pots, and aeroclone them. you can then transfer them to larger collars and pots or the hydroton pebbles(they are a pain in the ass though). the only cutting i have lost in my cloner was my own fault, but out of well over a thousand thats not a bad percentage.
i use the peat pellets personally. i've always had success with those so i continue to use them. i used rockwool once and it dried out on me. probably because of the lights dunno but, i stock up on the pellets from lowe's.
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