Which of these plants is healthiest?

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Hello farm,

I just lost one of my favorite mothers to root aphids because I’m an idiot. It was the perfect storm of neglect, misfortune, but mostly being dumb / cheap by running out of and waiting to reorder OG Biowar when it’s on Black Friday special (fingers crossed).
Anyway, I’m trying to figure out which one of these plants will be my new mom? I’m not sure if it translates well in these pictures, but there are three clones I had taken and was experimenting with that have ended up very different. The two on the left are both indoor plants, but one (the smal far left plant) has thinner crisper looking leaves. The middle plant had an an issue that it’s just coming out of, but has leaves that are a little closer looking in structure to the largest plant that has been outside (but started as a fairly week cutting that had to be nursed). They all just got up potted in the last week. My logic is contradicting itself and I’m realizing I have a (large) gap in my understanding of plant health.
If I were left to my own devices, I’d say that the smallest one is the healthiest and most ideal since it’s always been inside, but I’m torn because I always consider my outdoor plants to be healthier / more robust since there in nature with all the sun ( I guess it’s worth mentioning that it’s rozé / zkittlez so maybe it’s not used to the sun??) With that said, the middle size indoor plant is closer looking to The outdoor plant with them both having a little more depth to their leaf structure / veins.
At this point, I’ll probably clone each of them and see how it goes, but my cloners are full and I’m trying not to go to the hydro store again until the end of the year (trying to stop buying things I don’t need). Anyone have any pointers / opinions on the topic? Any pointers or directions where to find answers would be greatly appreciated. All I can seem to find is info on deficiencies and what not, which I don’t think I’m dealing with atm. Last but def not least, if anyone is in SoCal and wants a cut, I’m happy to trade it. It checks all the boxes, aside from the potentially slowish veg if conditions aren’t perfect.
Which of these plants is healthiest
Which of these plants is healthiest 2
Which of these plants is healthiest 3
Which of these plants is healthiest 4
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Which of these plants is healthiest 6
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