White Bubba, Headband and Elevator Kush in the Jungle

Hey how's it going everyone, just wanted to share some pics of the current grow running at the moment. I have some White Bubba, Headband and Elevator Kush going week three of flower. Nute line up is canna coco A&B, root excelurator, liqiud karma, aptus fasilitor and ecozen, bloombastic, earth juice molasses and great white for the beneficials bacteria and fungi. Also receives aerated compost tea's every week.
Nice grow man...
lookin good.you got a nice set up.what is the elevator kush lineage? have never heard of it before
Yeah, looking good.
Thanks guys, I have been having heat problems dew to a leak in the mini split lines system.

The lineage of the Elevator kush is unknown, It came from some where in Colorado. This is my second time running her, and she grows like some Socal master kush or kinda like bubba with really sticky resinous buds.
Nice....are you familiar with your white bubba ...any close ups of her I'm running her outside for the first time and she's frosty quick and colorful stacks nice and early scents are nice also....
Yeah I've been running this cut for 4 years now, it's was selected out of 25 White Bubba seedlings that I ran all at once. It's just as Good as the wifi or better. Also this pheno cut finishes early can be taken 56 days if needed but I like her at 63 days. If you get the temps cold enough it will turn purple on you. And yes your right she's does frost up quickly, you probably have the same pheno type as mine. Post some pics if you get the chance.

Whoa there @JollyGreen.... its been awhile since I've seen ya puttin it down homeskillet, everything looks and sounds Dank brotha.... besides the heat of course, Be Easy, SSP
Wuz up SSP, long time no talk homie. Just took a long break off the web scene for a while. Thanks for checking in...

What up brotha man! Good to see ya around. Looking forward to seeing what ya throwing down!
What's going on bro! It's been awhile... I have high expectations for this crop everything in there is straight dank fire. Keep watching
Had to go macgyver on the heat today. Took some left over xbox 360 fans and some old 12 volt power supplies with a little industrial velcro. Made myself an air curtain, to keep the top canopy cool. Now there's no build up of heat just sitting around the bulb or tops. I'm just afraid the heat might loosen the adhesive on the velcro, I'm thinking about zip tieing the fans to the socket housing just in case.
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