White Widow - Seedsman Seeds (Feminised)

Hello farmers. 😜

In celebration of my mother tent... Should be online mid week... I've decided to start a new strain. I pondered and struggled... Almost chose dresden green diamond but given my last 6 weeks of issues I went with a more familiar user friendly grow. I've grown white widow but not Seedsman's variety so this will be a first. Supposed to be an easy grow... The other strain sure was.

I start in coffee filters (not bleached) using room temperature de-chlorinated water. Saturated the filters, just water, and shake them out a tad... (I use 20 under, 20 over folded twice. I find the extra padding adds to my success rate... Maybe... 🤷‍♂️) Loosely cover with tinfoil and place in a warm, dim place. It never takes more than a day or two to pop them this way. They pop *every time.

*Except maybe this time because I totally just super jinxed the whole damn thing... 🤣🤣🤣

**I know, I preach gloves and cleanliness everywhere I go... I never touch the seed though, (I'm aware that the oils on our skin are not great for them... or plants for that matter!) and I sterilize my hands, the plate and the tinfoil before beginning. 😜

I'll keep her alongside one of the Super Critical CBD clones for future cloning and some more flexibility in my space. (Room for error) I intend to focus more on the other strain... Until I potentially fail lol. Then this might all switch over for a few months...

This should be fun!
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Using the new trays to prime pre flushed and limed cups for the widow and five other seedlings. (See; Dresden Green Diamond thread)

Water in - 0.5 EC/6.3 pH
Water out - 0.8 EC/6.3 pH

I think that's good... This mix has some significant alkaline buffering built in. I'm hoping it caries me though @ 6.3.
I'm moving forward with all my tents running on the "Green Planet - Dual Fuel" line of nutrients from here on in. I've heard great things from anyone who has used it... I plan to use it as directed on the attached chart unless I hear otherwise from someone who has some experience with this line... The flower tent has been running on it for a few days, everything looks good in there. The nursery tent I have not switched, not until the current round of clones gets planted or expires.

Its been a long wait. I still have almost a gallon of pH perfect in storage along with half a gallon of cal mag, some bio root and kelp nutrients ... I'll discard the open ones responsibly and sit on the sealed ones I guess.
The widow is in the cup. Warm and cozy next to the clone tray... (Full of living rooting clones as it turns out... Just stubborn like the mother plant... That's another story, another thread.) I planted her a tad deeper than usual.
I've got a great track record with seeds but I get a lot of "helmets" as they come up... With reduced dexterity from my current cancer treatment I'd like to avoid that particular seedling operation if at all possible.

No pictures today, you'll have to take me at my word. 😜
New tent and increased power draw day! I added it up last night. The whole veg tent will run at a peak draw of 160 watts... Basically nothing. The additional heat generated from the lights should reduce my need to constantly heat the room, it will hopefully stabilize the humidity in the room as well... I had my electrician of a brother look at everything last night. I should be good, but a quick upgrade inside the panel might happen in the coming weeks. A new 110 would be sufficient to spread out the load if required... He works for free but I will give him weed for his troubles and time.
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So my new tent has a light footprint of 6 square feet. Total wattage of the lights is 98. This gives me just under 17 watts of light per square foot in there... (The nursery runs at 24 watts per square foot...) Is this going to be enough light for a couple of mothers??


I mean it should definitely keep them alive. I don't know if they will be like, vegetatively super vigorous, but seems like it should be okay at least?
Ok, I had to move my intake box back to the top of the nursery... No good way to work that one out... The heater fits in next to the intake fan now. I reversed the sides for the intake/exhaust in the nursery and butted the veg tent right up against it.

Damn near outgrew this room today ... I'm curious to see what happens in my environments with it all running.