Who is the Winner of Yocan's 10th Anniversary Giveaway?


After almost two weeks of anticipation and suspense, the lucky winner of Yocan's 10th Anniversary Giveaway will finally be revealed. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the final result. Being chosen as the winner of this event means a lot because not only does it mean winning amazing prizes, but it also means being recognized as a valued member of the Yocan community.
During the 10th Anniversary Prize Event, the Yocan vaporizer supplier offered incredible prizes to loyal fans. The winner of the giveaway was Leo Pierson with a score of 214,447. Congratulations to Leo Pierson who will receive a Yocan Verve, a Yocan Zen wax vaporizer, a Yocan Blade hot knife, and a Yocan Pillar e-rig kit. four prizes in total.
Yocan 10th anniversary giveaway winners

The second prize winners were Hassan Smiley and Tanner Cornell, each winning a Yocan Zendab pen + Yocan Verve + Yocan Blade.
The third prize winners are Mas Ando, Fernando V, and Tanner Cornell, each of whom will receive a Yocan Zen dab pen and a Yocan Blade. We hope the Yocan Zen with its newly upgraded C4-DE coil and the Blade dab hot knife will create an unprecedented shooting experience for you. We hope the Yocan Zen with its newly upgraded C4-DE coil and the Blade dab hot knife will create a shooting experience like no other.
The remaining 4 winners are Keith R. VonBernewitz, Charles Norton, Jesus Alonso, and Justin Hoelscher, each of whom will receive a Yocan Zen wax dab pen.

Once again, congratulations to the above 10 winners, please check your emails. Yocan vaporizer supplier will contact you by email to send the prizes to your designated location.
For those who didn't win the prize, don't be discouraged, Yocan's official website will hold giveaway activities every month to provide opportunities for more people to know more about Yocan vaporizers. If you have a Yocan vaporizer that you would like to try, please leave a comment below or go to the Yocan official blog and leave a comment about the vaporizer you are interested in. We will organize the next Yocan giveaway based on your suggestions.

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Congratulations to all the winners.

Hopeful to hear about how well or not so, on the results of there testing.



heck of a tool, quad-coil. fella can leave that torch and stick alone.

Worth the $ if your in the market.



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