Why Are My Leaves Growing Three Fingers? Let Me Tell You Why

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Thank you for your professional advice. In my experience, the lighting photoperiod should be under 18 hours.


old thread, i know, but interesting. grew some plants years ago called sugar punch from sannies and one pheno threw nothing but three and one fingers for the life of the plant. other people mentioned this pheno too. it ended up at about 7 feet tall and at harvest the only big leaves left were singles. they were drooping all over the place. it seemed for every set of three leaves that died off, a big single would "appear." she was pretty easy to trim. lol.


Cannabis is photoperiodic.

That means that it is the period or duration of lighting phase by which it "knows" whether to grow leaves (vegetative phase) or flowers (regenerative or sexual phase). These growth characteristics are controlled by hormones that are switched on or off by light, and these hormones are what tell the plant whether it should be growing leaves or flowers. It is not the daylight period that induces changes, but the dark period that controls this.

If you have a plant that has gone into flower and the dark phase is interrupted by sufficient light (moonlight is not enough to induce), by as little as a couple of minutes, it *will* cause the plant to go back into vegetative phase.

This growth has a distinct appearance, beginning with the plant growing triple-lobed leaves, often that don't have the normal serrations, which then become singles, then goes back to triples, and finally normally lobed leaves. Little to no bud growth will occur during this period.

Each phase change takes about two weeks for the plant to work through. So if you've got a plant in flower and you see it's started to throw triple-lobed leaves instead of the normal 5, 7, 9 or 11, you know that something has caused it to go back into a vegetative phase, aka reveg. If your plan is to get it back into flowering, know that the whole process will take approximately 6 weeks to get through before you see normal growth again.

I have found that reducing an 18hr lighting photoperiod by as little as an hour can induce flowering, but interrupting it for as little as 15 minutes 1x/night is enough to stop this. This is *not* the same thing as when a rootbound plant begins throwing pistils.

I have not played around a whole lot with photoperiods outside using a reduced daylight (reduced by 1/2hr each day) during flowering and stopped when I hit an 8hr day, so if there are others who've played a bit with photoperiods and what their effects are with other observations, I think this is the place to put them.
Cannabis belongs to the “ Short day, Long night family. Same as onions, pointsettia, etc. The photoperiod is the main change the plant reads to start flowering! Usually 12-12. But, as we all know, one can manipulate a bit!


I have a clone that has only 3 finger fans. It was going to be planted outdoors but never happen. I
moved it to my indoor tent with others. As you see the leaf is shooting straight up. I have no idea of the issue. The clone is a sativa strain and not growing like any others I have seen. See attached pic.


I have a clone that has only 3 finger fans. It was going to be planted outdoors but never happen. I View attachment 773489 moved it to my indoor tent with others. As you see the leaf is shooting straight up. I have no idea of the issue. The clone is a sativa strain and not growing like any others I have seen. See attached pic.
looks like it is revegging to me
looks like it has gone through light schedule stress


This is a weird grow in that it's Blueberry Cheesecake (BC) that I grew back in 2014 and pollinated. Veg looked fine. I moved 4 from my diy aero bubbler to F & D and within a week got pistils. Since they were way too small, I decided to increase light (was under 12ish hours, which should have been more than sufficient for an indica strain. I stayed with veg strength nutes. after a couple weeks I defoled (done that many times without incident), but the new leafs are mostly single blade. I asked the Emerald Harvest chemist, he said it 's due to reveg.

anyway, the leafs are plentiful and very healthy. More than enough chlorophyll to bring them home

Midweek Song

Really interesting stuff here. Light manipulation produces some wild results when combined with other techniques like LST without a doubt.


Ok first off I have a few seasons growing and that don't mean shit for one. Each grow is it's on entity. This year I was trying to beat the curve and get mine started ego thing. Anyway I put my girls outside around the 2nd week may. Yes I know what was I thinking bad man. So I to this point have never had a reveg issue.
I put out
1 Ak47
1 Black Cherry
And 8 of Sean's Black Pineapple
They were 2ft tall and within the next 3 weeks they were poping. Big purple flowers but just way to early. I spoke to older growers I know about it. I would say 50% said rip them out and start over they won't do shit. The half said use this as a learning experience and see what you can do. Well that's the road I went.
There were times of a single leaf that drove me nuts. Then 3 leaves and was happy to see that. That was another few weeks the HOLY SHIT THEY HIT OVERDRIVE!!!
They are now 7 to 8' tall and as you see they are stacking up real nice.
So the point of this is ... if you are new and run into things such as reveg don't run from it learn everything there is the learn about it. Then take that knowledge share it and use in the future.
Happy Healthy Growing Freinds


Just starting into week 3 of flowering.
So they are looking good. Not sure if it's from the reveg or just a strain characturis. She keeps dropping all leaves bigger than 4 inches. I will take some new pics when I get a chance. You can smell the OG linlineage. The pinesoil smell was on them before the flowers started.


Here's a few new pics.
Week 3 flower
All are my black pineapple strain Been
Working on her for 5 years now. First real out door grow with her.
One GDP which in the last 2 days has started smelling like spicy x-mass coffee from starbucks with a sweet berry undertone.
My black pineapple stinks like I poured pinesoil all over them. Hope you guys lime the pics


Did you flower these and if so how were the results
I have been doing in door with this strain she like 85/15 indica dominate.
She grows like a sativa then buds like an indica. She taste a sweet as surgar, A candy pineapple taste just like a sugar candy. You can taste an underlying sweet berry tone on the exhale you get a gasoline exhale that will punch you in the lungs wishing for air. The effects are... as He a creeper for the next 45 minutes or so. I'm a heavy smoker and I don't just mean my weight this strain is been made for me. The last run put me on my ass for an hour with only 2 hits. So I'm really excited to see how she turns out.


It's happened to me in the past.
However, using Auto feminised seeds is a no brainer for starters. No photoperiod to worry about.
I started at 20 hrs a day at first, however I've been getting better results, thus far with 18 hrs.
Photoperiod are great, as one has control of height, when you want to start flowering & ultimately give the best results in my opinion


i have a plant that is growing weird leaves lol. 1 node after the 1st true node has 2 tip leaves i can tell they were supposed to be 3 but somehow grew conjoined so it's just 1 fat leaf and 1 regular leaf. then at the very top where i topped this plant it has grown 3 pairs of branches on this node instead of 2. the opposite side has done the same on the new main stems. it looks nice but very interesting.
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