Why the trend to tell beginners to grow autoflowers?

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i wouldnt say with such confidence what is out there if i had grown only two autos and came out with one bud.. believe me its out there. and there is a reason autos are primarily only grown by new and inexperienced growers. they dont know any better yet. most issues with autos relate to water? what are you even talking about? no the issues with autos are in fact genetic. you say your new but then you argue these things like you have some sort of experience with it. anyways i said my two cents.

someone with experience explains to you some of the problems with the autos GENETICS, and you argue that the only problem is water? so i explain again that your in fact wrong, this is one of those moments where you know less than the person your talking too.. and still you argue like you know. you were probably a really stubborn kid. good luck learning literally anything with your current attitude, and have a nice day

So maybe I'll be bit better to converse with on the subject. No BS , I started my first grow in 94 and for the past 4 years have grown exclusively autos until i had room again for photos last year.
All plants and genetics have outliers. I have had several plants you call runtz :) , but can also trace it back to an error or mistake on my part, and also at times on genetics. Same with photos.
And yes if you do look specifically there is a hell of a lot of information on watering. Investigating and following a rabbit hole are two different things.
I have some amazing auto genetics and also some that i wouldnt grow again. Same goes for photos. I'm not sure what all the hub bub is about trying to dissuade people from growing autos or complaining because you perceive people are selling new growers on them. Autos, photos just have fun and grow!!!


Autos are handy if you want a quick harvest, something to smoke while your waiting on your photos bring in the big yields

been growing autos almost solidly for about a year and a half grew photos before

definitely good for a quick harvest.. yelds have been all over the show from monster plants that outgrown my tent till tiny ass little plants like this picture,got 1 ounce of weed dried from this northern berry auto ,I’ve tried seeds from all sorts of seed banks,

autoflower plants
Have came a long way over the years,would I say their good for a begginer grower why not they grow quick and you won’t get bored during your first grow


Autoflowers finish small enough that you can do the whole grow with a 100w LED. Its marketing.


Autoflowers finish small enough that you can do the whole grow with a 100w LED. Its marketing.
Blueberry auto took more that 100watt led to grow this


Autoflowers finish small enough that you can do the whole grow with a 100w LED. Its marketing.
This. They are great for small wattage setups because you can flower 20 to 24 hours and get yeilds similar to a higher wattage photo setup IF you fill the canopy. Higher DLI for the auto from a smaller lamp.

Outside they also have their advantages as well. Quick harvests outside. Light polluted areas.

They are unforgiving if you screw up in the first 2 weeks.

They sometimes don't flower on time. All mine have started flower within 28 days. It would be bad if they went off schedule.

In this photo. Both plants the same age. Auto is 103 days old and photo is like 98. Upper is an auto and below is a photo. The seedling in the upper is the photo in the lower. 120w @ 20hrs for the auto. 200w @ 12 for the photo. If you have the wattage no reason to go auto in a tent unless autos is a passion. Both vegged for 30 days
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Iv never understood the push to get new grower to grow auto's, a new grower needs to first learn how to dial there grow room in but how can u do this if you plants start flowering very quickly? A new grower should really start with with a photo and then they have unlimited veg time to dial there
Room in correctly and get the highest yield possible , more time to learn what ur plant wants and how to read them . The only advantages of auto i can see is outdoor growers that are in a country like uk (like me) where the weather is shit and u need it to finish in time before the wet n cold comes


We have all seen the gradual shift. But coming back this year I see more and more beginners on this auto flower road like it's where they should start. So I decided to google "beginner what kind of seeds to buy" and various "beginner cannabis seed" how-tos.

In the past year a ton of articles about why they should start with auto flowers. then I see the recommendation to grow 4 plants in a 2'x2'x'3' tent. I have that tent. It's full of light leaks and I use it for seedlings. it's barely enough room to start seedlings.

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I get it auto flowers grow small. But is that really the level we want to aspire to new growers. I have nothing against them. But there is a whole side that appears wildly unethical. I personally don't see shoving as many plants in the tiniest grow space possible won't lead to issues and will be claimed easier for new growers...

I saw a tent company that said their grow tent is great for auto flowers cause you don't have to worry about light leaks. This sounds like a way to say "we have terrible quality control so let me tell you a fallacy why it's for auto flowers".

Why the push to make auto flowers a "gimmick grow for beginners"?

If this has been brought up while I was absent I apologize. I'm in no way saying I'm against auto. But the industry shift in marketing autos. I think are lots of benefits some growers might experience practicing their skills on autos. But it's certainly not "you can plant a seed and forget about it cause it does all the work for you". I understand we have a large shift in auto flower breeding operations and that's awesome.

I see things like

" autoflower marijuana can be challenging and costly as the seeds are expensive, but the plant, once given the proper care, will give the best yield possible. "
"Apart from being fast-growing and compact, auto-flowering cannabis plants are also highly resilient to illness, pests, and other diseases. So, if the auto-flowering plants' traits coincide with your requirement, then go for it."
" Excellent Yields – Despite the short time to harvest, quality autoflowering strains get comparable yields to photoperiod plants of the same size. That's because they receive up to twice as many hours of light a day while buds are forming. Get big yields, only faster. "
" Autoflowering cannabis offers an array of benefits, including the highest possible yield in the shortest conceivable time. "
" autoflowering seeds don’t require the same level of complexity of care as the other seed options in order to provide a bountiful crop. Marijuana seeds generally need specific cycles of time and lighting in order to move from the germination stage to the harvest stage properly. Autoflowering seeds remove these requirements and allow the plants to produce up to two harvests in the summer. "
"Flexible: Autoflowering seeds flourish in a variety of climates and environments. Even cities make hospitable environments for autoflowering cannabis seeds because artificial lighting doesn't negatively affect them."

I could find 100s of these examples. yes, we call setting a timer and being able to count to the number 24 super complex. and artificial light affects photoperiods? what? If that's complex for a grower to set a timer then My advice is you shouldn't grow. I'm all for promoting auto flowers. But when did the internet decide to market auto flowers so unethically to beginners? It's honestly so bad and since this is the home for beginners I feel it has to be discussed. if there is already a thread on this let me know?

I guess I understand how so many people paint themselves in a corner. When i start searching on new grower tips and come across that information on the most recent publishing of information from the main places.

Maybe I'm crazy in thinking it's unethical to tell new growers to just plant an autoflower seed and it does all the work for you without any of the issues? Just feels like it's setting people up for failure if they go into with that mindset of "I don't have to do anything".
That and they can't do it not right anyways lol no autos for this kid! I try to stick to the land race if I have a choice no hybreds either! But just my thoughts
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