Will Auto AK-47 or Auto Jack Herer fit in my grow closet?

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Hi guys! :)

I read different opinions about these strains and definitely want to grow them myself, but the problem is the size of my grow closet.
Currently I'm growing Auto Bubblegum inside, it's a short strain 20in. at max. My plant is about 14 in. tall in week 7, but I use LST.
How do you think, is it possible to grow them in such a tight space? Maybe applying not only LST but HST as well?

Thanks a lot!!! :))



You could relocate that filter to the outside of the box, and move your light up higher. Just have a piece of flex duct mount flush to inside of box and connect filter to other end on outside of box.


I've decided to 'risk' haha. So my plan is first to try AK-47, next Sour Diesel and after that White Widow. And will see what's going to happen. :)
Thanks again guys! :))
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