Winter trials, Ogkush/DPxUKCheese/WesternWinds and Blue Sonja

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I've managed to put a piece of plastic over a wooden kinda structure and presto, got me a greenhouse to play in winter.
I've had from last year this Cheezecake (UKCheese X WesternWinds) and some untried OGKush (sfv bx1) X Durban Poison, both crosses from my pal and fellow member SoftDrugBaron and i was very pleased with the results.
Specially one Og was so sweet, pungent kinda berry smelling doing quite well for the summer heat.
Taking apart the males with no intention to keep, but still in 7 litre pots, one of the cheezecakes not only seemed like double the others in size, but also was stinking. The nanners were budding thick too.
I'm not breeder in no way, so i had to do a crash course on how to extract the pollen and store it. I followed Aeros (Tropical Seeds) advices, and collected some in distilled water, kept for a week in the fridge and then i went and brushed carefully a mid-low branch of the OGxDP, resulting in 14 seeds.
I put them all last october for a winter trial, together with 3 Blue Sonja from Grindhouse. This is not looking for production, nor beauty nor shape, but resistance. Although the clima is ok (southern Spain) rains, chilly winds and even snow appear at some time in winter.
Growing almost organic, with just some neem during veg for pest control, mix of perlite and vermiculite with humus and bat guano, the "almost" because of some bio algae during veg. Half filled grow bags.
They've been put to flower on the 1st of December, and their days are counted as i already washed them the other day with molasses.
I've brought them to the house for unexpected reasons, they travelled 2 miles on a car. More test resistance. Then i've cramped them like sardines under a 600W sodium. But i've got them also in all other stages, from just put into flower to mothers and clones. They'll make the main season.
The photos probably are the worst you ever seen in this farm, but a new camera is off my immediate needs.

Rolln J

pix are fine - and the buds are very fine - nice winter mix there my friend!



Thanx a plenty Señor RollnJ. The camera is being so much kicked about and has made several billions of photos, she suffers badly when zooming and screams of pain when focusing, add some non-skills-whatsoever to that and there you go, good old danish Dogma.
Been checking for the first amber trich, still not there, but mostly milky. Days now. They have been stressed with high and low temps, humid and dry and light disturbance too when i moved them, as i've got the sodium on at night. Not a single nanner. I'm happy with the results so far, they're rough and resistant, i just know they're keepers. When i grow them with the right conditions, they'll show their real value. The house stinks.


Nice looking girls 7rayos. Been looking for pics of the Blue Sonja as I have just started 4. Hope they come out as fine as yours.


Thanks Eggman, sure must be the genetics, because they've been growing under careless conditions, such low temps, hence so much leaf. Won't be long before the chop, just waiting for the substrate to dry and the first amber trichs. Blue Sonja is nice, smells of berries and starts turning purple after five weeks, but outdoors temps at night went about 13ºC by then. Now they're so dark because the night temps, even inside the room, drops to 9ºC. Also they are cramped as i haven't got any more room, but that's life for them. People say they love their plants, but i prefer keep affections at bay, as i always end up axing and burning them, anyway.
Also i have a several years old cut of NL#5xHaze turning purple (2nd photo) coming back to my garden, looking forward to that one too, last time i grew the same cut in summer but with much higher temps, didn't turn purple. It takes 90+ days, and it's not very productive, but it's a favourite in all aspects.
Back to the jungle.


Wow, I have always wanted to try a winter greenhouse, I have heard good things about the finished product from them, super interested to see how yours does. Nice Work!


I've been counting and today it's the 74th. Been checking the trichs this morning and two of them are about ready, so... chop.
Sanvanalona, in my case, a winter garden takes strictly no planning, otherwise the negative aspects would stop me doing it. This plants have been outside through the worst spell of bad weather in the last 30 years, barely covered by a weak plastic. Good timing to move them inside, as the greenhouse is now partially destroyed after the strong winds. The best bit imo being the fact i've barely used two shots of bio-algae and a little neem during veg, the last guano tea about 2 weeks ago and a few days later flushed with molasses. This must result in smooth taste after a bit of curing.
Cheers Pot Boy, it's the second best job in the world, few bugs, and no medusas!
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