Witch strain did you like best?

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What is your overall favorite strain in terms of taste, aroma and effect.

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Hello, friends! :)
I know that some people consider such threads useless or just dumb, but I like that kind of polls and I'm sure many people would vote and say positive words about the Sweet Seeds, hehe...
The voting will be on overall best impressions in terms of taste, aroma and effect. :) If you choose more than one option, please share your reasons... It's best to choose three options if you think that you have a favorite strain when it comes to taste, another one you find very pleasant in terms of aroma and of course what gets you high up in Heaven or deep into your couch, whichever you prefer - please, share with us witch strain you find best in each of the three categories...
Let the voting begin, hehe...
Peace and Blessings to you all!
Wish you lots of Love! :)
the THC Lover.

Sweet Seeds

Hi mate!

Thanks for starting this poll!

I was a bit afraid of voting because as Sweet Seeds I like them all the same, hehehehe. As Tommy I have my personal preferences, just like anyone else. The biggest influence in my preferences is effect. I preffer physical relaxing highs, so I'm more with the Indicas. Of course I also love strains like Jack47, Wild Rose or Sweet Cheese, to give a few examples, but personally I don't do well using only Sativas... hehehe

So, I voted for my favourite mostly Indica strains: Cream Caramel, Mohan Ram, Sweet Afgani Delicious and Snow Fruit.

And as 2 of them have now an autoflowering version as good as the non-auto version (or even better), I also had to vote in the auto versions of those 2 wonderful strains, top of the top from Sweet Seeds.

And I would also like to mention that, personally, I have not yet tried around 30% of the catalog, so I don't qualify to judge 7 or 8 strains from the catalog.

Stay cool, keep it sweet!



I can't agree more with you, Tommy - those new autos really are amazing and I'm sure that outdoors they'd get bigger and yield beautifully, too!
What about that Jack47, dear friend? What is the effect of it like?
An old friend of mine is looking for his new up-high-mom... I recommended him to go through you catalog and he said that if it turns out to be a keeper for his head stash, I'd get a seed or a clone from him... And I know that Sweet Seeds has a lot to offer, hehe - so, I guess he'll find what he's looking for! :)
Thanks for the votes - I hope more people will vote, hehe...
Lots of Love, friends!


I´m growing and already flowering in the day 44, 2 big devils # 2 and 5 cream caramel, both in their auto versions, their doing great!!! it´s my first grow, and in my growing room got some black jack, sad,big devil#2, cream caramel, also some northern lights, kritical bimbo, critical jack, all of e´m inn auto versions. I got them at the store in madrid...can´t wait for the time to pass and have a good harvest, as I said before it´s my first grow, so i cant vote yet, but keep the thread up so i can tell how the harvest comes out...
Cheers and good smokes


got a few of the cream caramel auto not long finished and they were awesome


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SAD is a great strain.. Very uniform, grows nice tight indy nuggets.. Nice smell, taste, and potency...



Can anyone from sweet seeds answer some questions about Botafumieros? i have 3 different phenos in my garden of it .. just wondering


I am actualy growing in outdoor SAD, with 3 moths of veg.priod this plant have 2m. long and smells like fruit juice.


Cream Caramal

i've just started my 5th grow of Cream Caramal (fem) and for me it ticks all the boxs lovely strong smoke and yealds enough for me and my wife in between grows...

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