Wondering if I should keep using Cal/Mag?

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I have a question for those who might know whether or not I should still be giving cal/mag every watering to replace the minerals lost in distillation? I have been using distilled water since I discovered our well water has a ppm of 685. All issues I had early on disappeared after using the distilled water. I have thought about adding in enough well water to the distilled water to get around 200 ppm but I have no idea what that ppm consists of. I assume some, maybe a lot, of calcium, just don't know. This far in, I hesitate to change anything now because what I am doing seems to be working.

I am in the beginning of week 3 flower, growing in soil. I am using the 4 formulas in the Roots Organics Terp Tea line up. All three nutes I am using contain an amount of calcium and 2 have magnesium. Terp Tea Bloom which will be fed weekly through week 7 contains 8% cal, 1% mag, Microbe Charge, 4% cal, 1% mag, and the Bloom Booster which will be fed weeks 4, 5, 6, and 7 has 8% cal and 0 mag.

I don't want to over do the cal/mag so add the cal/mag or not for the rest of the grow?
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Pushrod Monkey

Pushrod Monkey

Try it and watch for deficiency. Calcium and magnesium deficiencies are easy to spot. Then you’ll know for sure.
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