Would An Overflow Drain Be Overkill

I was thinking that there could be any number of reasons for a number of buckets or just one bucket to overfill. This could cause any number of issues not the least being complete loss of crops. It seems like this would be a good backup just incase but I've never seen one in any setup. I've not even seen them in Heisens, in the pics I've seen, so they must be frivolous.

I was considering putting another 5g tote outside of the tent as a recovery tank. You could put the drain hole right bellow the bottom of the net pot on the wall of each tote. Then you would run 1" tubing from the drain hole in the totes to the bottom, gravity feed, of the recovery tank. In the recovery tank there would be a water pump with 1/2" tubing running back to the top of the epi center. Just put a water sensor switch however high as you want on the inside wall of the recovery tank. Then as the water fills it would reach the switch and turn on the pump.

I'm sure I'm over thinking it but it could save a crop maybe.
I just thought it was an independent question and not trying to mix things together is all.


I don't mind and I totally get how it could be seen as though , even if it's not.