Yellowing/Drying Leaves @ 8th Week of Flowering

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Hello! The yellowing/drying of leaves was mostly center towards the bottom of the plants leaves now it has slowly progress upwards. I measured run off PPM and it was 2000 so I flushed it with 5 gallons of RO water earlier this week and it's down to 700 PPM. The yellowing of the leaves looks like its continuing still.

Seeds was given to me by a buddy so unsure of strain but looks like sativa.

I had some hiccups thus far. Had some issues with fighting fungus gnats and underwatering my plants for a bit earlier on during the vegetative state. There's still a little fungus gnats.

Unsure Strain of Seeds
Grow Tent -4x4x6
Grow Light: Mars Hydro TS1000 lighting
Light Now 12/12
Median - Fox Farm Ocean Forest
4" Exhaust Fan
2 Fan
Inside Tent for Airflow
Water with PH 6.8 As Needed when soil is dry along with Fox Farm Nutrients Feeding Regiment when plants were about 25 days old. 2X A Week w/ regular watering in between
Humidity Average 55%
5 Gallon Bucket With Holes Drilled At Bottom
PH Run Off: 6.7 PH

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