Yo, I grow the Flo

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Just finished a crop of Flo, been thinking about the future and thought I would stop by for advice.


What it do? Nice 2 meet u.. This is a spot juss 2 introduce ur self.. If u want a bigger response u should post this in the grow forum


havent grown any direct dj, some family tree stuff, nobodys gonna knock you if you keep putting money in his pocket.this is the spot for everything else.

SLO Grown

Flo is a great strain. Grow it every year. Met DJ in Portland about 15 years ago. He gave me FLO seeds 10 years ago been growing it ever since. First year I had it made seeds. A huge plant outdoor with multiple harvest. Purple stems, hollow stems, and big producer. Medical folks love it! Got some growing right now 10'+. I will try and take some pictures.


Always been interested in the flo myself. She sounds like a great buzz. I'm hopeing a cut comes my way in the near future.
DJ does some great work, I have tried the F13 and it was spectacular! Still trying to get ahold of his blueberry though.
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