Your plants in VEG! Veg plant photo, cloning discussion , share your pre flower prep!

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Yeah it’s going to be a little funky but hopefully I can just keep bending the taller colas down to match the shorter ones. Experimenting….
I have never manipulated them when they are small but it is so darn cool! I am super excited to see these awesome plants mature over the next month or 2. Well done


With all the share your flower, best flower, photoperiod in flower topics, Let’s start a discussion on, how we get there! So many new members stumble across these topics mid grow and try to change tactics, let’s share how we prep our seedlings, clones etc for flower to get those beautiful scrogs, sogs, maybe your prefer massive bushes or Christmas trees. Pruned a certian way, mainline, show what you do and how you pre- flower prep your plants to prepare for the flip!

Here’s 3 clones of GCCxOkie double topped getting ready for round 3, we’ll see if they run solo or as a group with some other clones but here they are for now,

Let’s see what you all do to prepare for your preferred grow method!
My pre flower prep is I just threw away my queen size bed and bought a twin size cot so I could do more gardening in this damn room 😂


See what I mean? I knocked over this ak 47 autoflower while watering my 5gal. i need more space!!! Luckily I found the little bugger and no damage to the taproot. Was able to re plant her. Hope she pulls through no shock, gonna need her for to make some fem pollen.
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