Zilvermist and Kaligria from All-Star Genetics

Well, folks, the moment that I've been anticipating for so long has arrived. I was blessed with 6 Kaligira and 4 Zilvermist beans from True Grit, and I've been dying to get these girls going since the day I read about the strains. Then to see Kushdee took 3rd at the HTCC, I figure these kids are on to something! So here goes.

100 ppm of Superthrive, AquaShield, and Great White set to a pH of 5.95. I place the beans about 2/3 buried in the plugs, and put them on a shelf where they'll maintain a temp of about 75 degrees F. Stay tuned for updates.
8 for 8

Nice vigor already! 100% success on root tips. The Zilvermist showing alot more vigor than Kaligria, but I'm thrilled to already have 100%.

Zilvermist showing serious vigor. I think they're excited to be growing. The humidity in the containers was enough to have that root completely out of the plug...hysterical. I did get it placed properly, since now i have them under light with no humidity dome action...

Kaligria- not quite as randy as the ZM, but at 4 for 4 I'm happy.
update 1-30

Here's the ASG girls going under the T5s. Still 8 for 8; the Zilvermist still showing a little more vigor than the Kaligria. Very happy with the strains so far!



They are all now potted in Happy Frog, with a touch of Great White and AquaShield (85 ppm). I have 8 little solo cups that are proud not to be sitting on top of a keg...they have a more important mission!
Heya Alt... lookin good so far!
Nice to see you giving them some quality care at the start of their lives.
They are vigorous lil buggers arent they.
I'll be watchin'
Looking good

My little All-Stars are establishing some excellent roots, and will need to be transplanted very soon. Probably going to hit them with a little sushi on the transplant, then a mild super soil mix for the final transplant.

The two in the middle here are Medic's Rocket Gal
strong little girls

They're plugging away under the t5s. Root mass is extraordinary, will be transplanting these girls in the next couple days.

Zilvermist on the left, Kaligria on the right. The two in the center are Rocket Gal (Medic)
healthy start altitude..thinking of snagging myself some zilvermist when they drop later..yours look ready to blow after the transplant! be popping in :clapping
Transplant complete

All 8 ASG girls are in new pots; they weren't root bound per se, but I think they're going to really take off (as if they weren't already showing crazy vigor...lol). Used the sushi technique on a couple, and the rest got a mild dose of PureBlendPro.