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ZilverMist Ladies

Here are photos of ZM1 and ZM2. Nice looking ladies, and the clones I took from them already are rooted; still in cloner, but will transplant tomorrow. Going to keep a male clone also; does anyone foresee any problems keeping a male in my veg room? Will pre-flowers pollinate pre-flowers? Should I remove the male pre-flowers as they arrive? I'm hoping to hang on to this guy for a few months until I am ready for a breeding project.


ZM1- glad my socks were clean...



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Preflowers will pollinate other preflowers....I've made seeds on vegging plants before, just screwing around. They germinated fine too. It would probably be best to keep your males in their own room.


the latest

Here's the Zilvermist girls. One is looking perfect, but i think I may have a genetic (?) issue with the other. Both seem to be flowering just fine, though. Hopefully zm2 will overcome this little issue; I'm pushing the limits on hot soil; if the curl gets any worse at all it'll be flush time.

ZM1- very healthy lady

ZM2- showing vigor/stretch, but some discoloration- see next pic

The perfect split down the middle of the leaf indicates to me that it's not a nutrient problem, but I've been wrong before. It looks like the minute she knew she was meant to bloom, she quit using Nitrogen and I may have to flush any excess N out of the pot. Any recommendations, before this issue becomes a major problem?


Hey alt,
Maybe some points from my side ?

Pictures taken outside your room is humidity inside ok ?

your leafs look thin now (not wide) evaporation.....?

if your room humidity is to low (plant evaporation is not optimal and ec levels can rise ,even if you water enough
this is in my opinion the most common problem in growrooms.

-all pictures show dried out soil (or is this just because you take pic before your next watering?

-try to keep flushing as your last option ,
my feeling is that they look dry you get hot spots in the soil they look like they just need a good watering and just wait an extra day before the next watering, give them a good watering with the right balanced ph and a low ec level (they need a good bloom fertilizer) from the pictures.

-al your previous pictures leafs looked healty (wide and waxy/shiney)

-besides the split colouring that plant shows in the top downcurling leafs inwards (ec ?) as mentioned before
if plant can not uptake the nutrients your giving it the ph can get real low ,
the plants next to it (are burned for sure

With soil grows i always make the 3e watering a ph adjusted watering (no fertilizer) .this is perfect for your plant to adjust if your feeding is to high (no build ups).

3-just ph balanced

ph range in soil 6.2/6.8

see ya ...


About the plant whit the split in the middle (can be a form of stress or ph balanced water dropped on your leaf?

if that plant continues later in flowering with leafs colouring and pulling sidewards it can be (tobacco mosaic virus) i never seen it on my seedlings or mothers/fathers .
Its a virus that can spread true air ,its one of the reasons why i dont smoke around my plants its a way the virus can spread ,it will not damage a plant but fotosynthese is less because of the virus on the leafs ,IF SO KILL IT ..... :evilgrin0031:
but check it out for some weeks ...because i never seen it on fresh seedlings.

hope info is to any help see ya......


Ok AS- OG- I think I have the pH problem corrected. There is a little canoeing of the older leaves, but all new growth is vigorous. The tops are starting to cola, and I'm going to get a decent yield out of a small (ish) plant. I'm sure that 15-gal pot is helping... I can't wait to test the finished product; this gal already has a great skunk/haze aroma. ZM2 has grown much bigger, and I'm am giving her a few more gallons of room to stretch her roots out. Pics of her tomorrow. Thanks for the tips- I'm getting this super soil dialed in- all the girls are looking much better.

sorry the pic is sideways...




ZM1- two different white balance settings. She's frosty as heck and starting to cola nicely. pH problems are solved, and thrips have been dealt with properly. In spite of my bungling, she is going to yield heavy and I believe the trichomes will be packed on, as good as she looks already.

ZM2. Not looking as good as early, but has a strange issue with the leaves. The buds are starting to look really good- just not maturing as fast as ZM1.


she smells like a skunky haze- more skunk than I imagined when I popped the beans. Both the Kaligria and the Zilvermist began to stink it up before i bloomed them. The flowers themselves are leaning toward the hazy aroma- It's not a cheesy smell at all, definitely on the musky side, which is nice. I got the cheesy covered with the RMD sativa pheno... I'm honestly ashamed that I was so rough on the girls with the thrips and the pH problem, and I'm thinking that the clones I took from these gals are going to look a lot better by the time I get around to blooming them. This was my first run with super soil, and it took a minute to get 'er dialed in. I think she's very happy now, evident by the healthy top growth and the vigor with which she's producing trich-covered colas.


Lookin very good Altitude! The ZM is bulking up nice. Can u get some closer pics of the Trich coverage? Also, is there any smell with planting ontop of the fish? Ive had old heads suggest I plant a fish in with my outdoor soil, but have never tried it. I was recently thinking about trying this tech. indoors, but I was worried about the smell..

Great grow log:winking0067:


No smell, bro. I am only using this technique now with the strains I know love it. I tried it with a pure sativa (Medic's Rocket Gal) and one plant developed a permanent leaf curl from too much N. Heavy feeders (usually indicas) absolutely LOVE the sushi treatment, but don't throw one under your gals until you try it side by side. It takes alot of water to flush a whole goldfish out of the middle of your pot...lol. Btw, the strains I know like the sushi grow:
AK-47 (cherry pheno)
Purple HeadKnocker
Island Sweet Skunk
Legend's Ultimate Indica
Purple Haze
Rocky Mtn Dream
Northern Lights
Afghani Indica
Pepper plants
Trees (except evergreens)

I'll try to get a close-up of the trichs tomorrow morning.


Nug shots

These still have over a month to go, but look good enough to puff already, Excited to watch them fill out and chunk up.

And here she is in her 15 gallon pot...
Moe Danks

Moe Danks

wow she really is startin to pack on the frost.
kali mist x ssh.....something killer has to be found in there.


the keepers

Here's my Zilvermist keeper; the two big girls in bloom are looking amazing. However, one has a strange issue with the leaves, so I'm going to keep the other one. The yield is a little higher on ZM1 also, as she is throwing nice colas. She smells super hazey; skunky with a kind of smoky undertone. Pulled a bud to dry and test.

And I started my last two Kaligria beans. One popped open but never sprouted, and here is the other at ten days old. Hoping for a female, but have a buddy who will take a male. Veg room is dialed in for fems, though. Fingers crossed.
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