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    Urine is a great fertilizer

    Wow just checked my PPM it was 7000+...thas some powerful fertilizer! Don't forget to dilute! :)
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    Urine is a great fertilizer

    (sorry to bring up an old thread) But wow I am amazed at the ignorance and stigma urine has when used in grow mediums. I wouldn't hesitate to use it for a second. People think it is dirty? Nasty? They can't stand the idea of urine. 1. You don't piss ON the plants 2. It isn't dirty...any more...
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    Lol who says u cant get dense nugs from leds

    You from the south by any chance? Thats not bad for 2 weeks. 😎
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    Anyone Own The Exos 9?

    Damn straight. Nothing like it. Best in class. I always love the look on Bose peoples when they hear mine. I guess it has been about 2 years for me too. Got the carrying case and remote.
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